PPFMC 2- Draft Order


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Mar 30, 2012
After i get the list of retained players, then there will be a draft.
Currently teams have 12 players so each team can get 3 players from draft as there will be total 48 players available in the drafts. They will get the rest in the Pre-season transfer window. The maximum squad size is 22.

Draft will start after the managers decide their players. This thread is just to show you the draft order.

1. Tribal Tsunamians (Red Army)
2. Taaj Manzoor 1st XI
3. Gawalmandi Gang
4. All Stars XI
5. Norwegian Mafiosos
6. Monsters Divided
7. Los Blancos (Los Cules)
8. Astropussy
9. Biryani Royales
10. Real Fortis
11. The Huntsmen
12. Matchfixers
13. The Entertainers
14. Mogodishu Shivers me
15. Halwa Puri Legends
16. Royal Mafia FC.
17. Tribal Tsunamians (Red Army)
18. Taaj Manzoor 1st XI
19. Gawalmandi Gang
20. All Stars XI
21. Norwegian Mafiosos
22. Monsters Divided
23. Los Blancos (Los Cules)
24. Astropussy
25. Biryani Royales
26. Real Fortis
27. The Huntsmen
28. Matchfixers
29. The Entertainers
30. Mogodishu Shivers me
31. Halwa Puri Legends
32. Royal Mafia FC.
33. Tribal Tsunamians (Red Army)
34. Taaj Manzoor 1st XI
35. Gawalmandi Gang
36. All Stars XI
37. Norwegian Mafiosos
38. Monsters Divided
39. Los Blancos (Los Cules)
40. Astropussy
41. Biryani Royales
42. Real Fortis
43. The Huntsmen
44. Matchfixers
45. The Entertainers
46. Mogodishu Shivers me
47. Halwa Puri Legends
48. Royal Mafia FC.​
Come on guys, release your players asap so that we can have this started. :)
15, 31 and 47. Will just see who is available.

My core squad is good enough though.
There are plenty of good players in the draft so not too concerned about picking fairly late
Some mouthwatering names in that list.

3rd pick should net me a true star.
Yes, it was discussed in the other thread and it seems like most people favoured this order

I think it is the the most fair way as well

Yup can't think of any other way it should've been done. Some juicy strikers in that list. Even 9th pick could net me a very good player.
Lets start the draft lol... Even 11th pick should get me a beast player
just waiting for the last managers to release his players and we will start the draft.