Raveena Tandon's driver accused of assaulting 3 in road rage incident


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Sep 11, 2023


A heated clash erupted outside Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon's residence in Mumbai's Bandra last night. The incident, which allegedly stemmed from a minor parking dispute, has since spiralled into a controversy involving accusations of physical assault and rash driving.

The disturbance began when Ms Tandon's driver attempted to reverse and park the actress's car inside the premises. As the driver manoeuvred the vehicle, another car approached the gate, leading to a standoff. The occupants of the second car, concerned about a potential collision, stepped out and confronted the driver.

According to the police, what started as a verbal exchange quickly escalated into a heated argument. Hearing the commotion, Ms Tandon herself emerged from her house, attempting to mediate and calm the situation. Despite her efforts, the confrontation continued for some time before the other party eventually departed.

This incident, captured in a video circulating on social media, shows Raveena and her driver being accused of physically assaulting women, including an elderly lady.

Upon receiving a call about the altercation, police arrived at the scene and conducted inquiries with Ms Tandon's staff. Using the vehicle number, they traced the opposing party, who were subsequently summoned to the police station. However, the individuals involved declined to file any formal complaints. No injuries were reported, and the vehicles did not collide.

A local resident named Mohammed identified the alleged victims as his mother, sister, and niece. In the video, one of the women can be heard threatening to involve the police, stating, "You will have to spend the night in jail. My nose is bleeding."

Ms Tandon, upon noticing she was being recorded, requested the individuals to stop filming.

The actor has not issued a public statement regarding the allegations. The police have yet to file any formal charges, pending further investigation into the matter.

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Raveena Tandon Was Not Drunk, False Complaint Filed: Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police on Sunday clarified that a false complaint was filed against actor Raveena Tandon with the Khar Police, accusing her of being drunk, rash driving and assault.

Ms Tandon shared a screenshot of a post from 'Viral Bhayani' on 'X' saying that the complainant filed a false complaint in the case and after checking the CCTV footage it was found that Raveena's car did not hit anyone and she was not drunk.

The post said that while speaking to a Mumbai-based daily, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rajtilak Roshan of Zone 9 said that the complaint was false.

"The complainant gave a false complaint in the alleged video. We checked the entire CCTV footage of the society and found that the actress's driver was reversing the car from the road into the society when this family was crossing the same lane. The family stopped the car and told the driver that he should check if people were behind the car before reversing and an argument started between them," the DCP said while speaking to the daily.

When the argument got heated, Raveena came to the spot to check on her driver and tried to protect him from the mob. The duo went to the Khar police station to file complaints but subsequently withdrew them.

"This argument escalated into abusive language, and actress Raveena Tandon arrived at the spot to check what had happened with her driver. The actress tried to protect the driver from the mob; however, the mob started abusing her. Both Raveena Tandon and the family went to the Khar police station and gave written complaints. Later, they both also submitted letters stating they did not want to register any complaints," DCP Rajtilak Roshan explained.

DCP Rajtilak Roshan further stated, "Nobody was injured in this incident. We checked the CCTV footage, and the car did not hit anyone. The actress was not drunk."

In another screenshot shared by Raveena in the same post, the Mumbai Police was quoted in an online portal saying that both parties denied making any complaints.

"Tandon's driver was trying to reverse the car to park it, and three people from a family felt that they would get hit. After the argument, both parties left, and later, police reached the spot and questioned Tandon's staff. The other party was also called to the Police station. Both parties denied making any complaints," Mumbai Police was quoted as saying.

The post mentioned that the police statement came after the video of the incident went viral across social media platforms where Raveena Tandon is requesting people to calm down and can also be heard saying 'don't hit me.'

The video of the incident is doing rounds across social media platforms in which Raveena Tandon can be seen struggling around the people pushing her and wanting to beat her driver, it added.

There were accusations of her and her driver being drunk which were denied by Police as false allegations, it said.

A scuffle was reported outside actor Raveena Tandon's house last night when her driver was parking the car in the building premises.

According to the Mumbai Police, while the driver was reversing the car, a family was passing in front of the building's gate. Thinking that the car would hit them, a scuffle broke out between Raveena Tandon's driver and three women of the family over the issue.

Raveena came out of the house after she heard the arguments between her driver and the family However, after a lot of arguments, both parties left.

Upon getting information, when the police reached the spot, they questioned Raveena's staff and called both parties to Khar Police Station.

No one was injured in the incident nor did any vehicles collide, police said, adding no complaint has been filed by any side.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Raveena recently wowed the audiences with her compelling performance in the Disney Hotstar courtroom drama 'Patna Shuklla', alongside co-stars late Satish Kaushik and Manav Vij.

In the coming months, she will be seen in 'Welcome 3'. The star-studded cast includes Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Disha Patani, Lara Dutta, and Paresh Rawal.


Kangana Ranaut comes out in support of Raveena Tandon day after she was attacked: ‘Absolutely alarming’​

Kangana Ranaut extended support to Raveena Tandon a day after she was attacked on a Mumbai street. Taking to her Instagram Stories on Monday, Kangana called the incident "absolutely alarming". She condemned the "road rage outbursts", adding that "those people must be reprimanded".

Kangana Ranaut wrote, "What happened to Raveena Tandon ji is absolutely alarming; had there been 5-6 more people in the opposite group, she would have been lynched; we condemn such road rage outbursts; those people must be reprimanded. They must not get away with such violent and poisonous behaviour."


Raveena Tandon breaks silence on the attack against her​

Actress Raveena Tandon was in the headlines due to a recent incident that occured next to her house. The actress was attacked as she attempted to defend her driver, after her driver allegedly assaulted three women, including an elderly woman with her car, the actress was accused of abusing them. The CCTV footage revealed that the charges were false. Although Raveena has not yet released an official statement, she revealed the quotes from the police officers investigating the incident.

A police official said, “The complainant gave a false complaint in the alleged video. We checked the entire CCTV footage of the society and found that the actress’s driver was reversing the car from the road into the society when this family was crossing the same lane. The family stopped the car and told the driver that he should check if people are behind the car before reversing. This argument started between them,” according to a leading media portal.

DCP Rajtilak Roshan stated, "Nobody was injured in this incident. We checked the CCTV footage, and the car did not hit anyone." The actress took to social media to share the statements released by the police.