Romanian and Spanish the most spoken languages in London (after English)!


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Oct 2, 2004
London is home to people from all over the world with more than 100 different languages spoken among the 9 million people who call the capital home.

These different languages across the city can now be visualised thanks to a set of maps produced by the Office for National Statistics using data from the 2021 census.

The maps chart the main spoken language in residents over three years old in every one of the city's 32 boroughs, as well as the percentage of residents who speak it, giving you an idea of just how multicultural the capital is nowadays.

For each borough we've picked out the language after English which has the highest percentage of residents speaking it as a first language.

The two languages that cropped up the most were Romanian and Spanish, with each of these languages being spoken most after English in six London boroughs.

Across all 32 boroughs there were 13 different languages that made up the second most spoken in each. The borough with the highest percentage of speakers of its second most popular language was Tower Hamlets where 10.97% of the population speak Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya).
I would have thought Punjabi and Urdu - but interesting.
The article says that these are the most common second-languages in schools in the highest number of boroughs i.e. Romanian is the most common second language in schools in 6 London boroughs and Spanish is the most common second language in 6 other boroughs. It does not necessarily mean that these two languages are the second most spoken languages in London.

Romanian is expected given recent immigration trends but surprised to see Spanish is so prevalent in London now. Has there been an uptick of people from Latin America in London recently?

Also Bengali would be the most common South Asian language I would think. It's London not Bradford.