SBP vs UBL | Advance Telecom Ramzan T20 Cup | 10/7/13 | Karachi

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Oct 22, 2011
State Bank of Pakistan vs United Bank Limited commentary thread :mib

State Bank of Pakistan squad
Adnan Raees, Adnan Rasool, Ansar Javed, Farrukh Shehzad, Gulraiz Sadaf, Hasan Mahmood (1), Kashif Siddiq*, Khalid Kail, Mohammad Afzal†, Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Waheed, Naved Saeed, Nazar Hussain, Rameez Alam, Rameez Raja (2), Rizwan Haider, Usman Saeed

United Bank Limited squad
Adnan Baig, Akhtar Ayub, Ali Asad, Asif Ali, Atif Jabbar, Bismillah Khan†, Faisal Athar, Farhan Asghar, Imran Ali (1), Itmad-ul-Haq, Khaqan Arsal, Mohammad Irshad, Mohammad Sami (1), Mohammad Zubair, Osama Shah, Rumman Raees, Saad Sukhail, Shabbir Ahmed*
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Loving GEO commentators bashing PCB for yet another attempt to revamp the domestic infrastructure that never happens . :))
Short ball aur urrta huwa stroke , gaind boundary se bahar :mib


1.5 overs

Rameez Raja dropped by UBL
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WAPDA v SBP | Advance Telecom Ramadan T20 Cup | 10/7/13 | Karachi

Hello & Welcome everyone to the 8th game of Ramadhan T20 Cup between UBL and State Bank of Pakistan, reporting live from here National Stadium Karachi is Abdul Qadir Jawaid.
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After a sunset, light showers were there but currently weather looks good enough to proceed the game in a positive way.
Rameez Raja Jr. started his innings aggressively as SBP loses Farrukh.

Mohammad Irshad took his wicket.
SBP are 2 down with 40 runs on board in 4.1 overs .

Rameez Raja last batsman to get out . Kashif Siddiq and Usman Saeed on the crease .
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It's a slower one, touches the outside edge of Rameez's bat, in the air for a while and a simple catch for a cover fielder, double strikes for Mohammad Irshad.
Irshad gets 3rd wicket


Usman Saeed departs . Needless shot from his given the RR is not bad at all .
UBL being called team of the tournament , Shabbir Ahmed`s captaincy being praised by the commentators .

SBP not looking good in their must win match . RR has dropped significantly , from over 9 at one point to 5.6 right now .
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SBP 56/5 after 10 overs

Mohammad Irshad took 3 wickets and 2 for Akhtar Ayub, he got a hatrick chance too.

Dismissed batsmen are Rameez Raja 23

Farrukh Shahzad 3

Kashif Siddiq 16

Adnan Raees 7

Mohd. Waheed 0
SBP are in big trouble, it looks really hard for them to recover from here.
Rizwan Haider departs, Akhtar Ayub making full contribution for his team.
Akhtar Ayub bowled brilliantly today.

just 2/12 in his 4 overs, including a hattrick chance.
Raees pushes one through mid on area and its a four....SBP finally gets a boundary after a long wait.
Raees smashed straight away over the fielder's head and gone for four.
Irshad came to bowl his final over, he's been very good throughout the innings.
blasted to the straight boundary, Raees with another 4, the only batsman for SBP surviving making sure they cross the three figures.
smashing cover drive by Raees, fielder comes to save after a long chase but misses, 4 runs.

SBP 106/7 after 18 overs

just 12 balls to go...
it's a mix up between the wickets...aaaannd...another run out, 9 down for SBP.
Full toss by Shabbir, and Raees hits it between on side area, 4 runs.
Raees hits this the air...Irshad came...tried to catch...but dropped!
Back to back boundaries , 12 runs in the last over . Adnan Raees` inning have given SBP a chance
Innings Break:

SBP 123/9

Adnan Raees 47* Rameez Raja Jr. 23

Irshad 3/31 Ayub 2/12

Target: 124 in 20 overs
UBL started their chase...not an ideal one but UBL still got the upper hand in the contest, lets see how it goes!
124 looks tricky, will it be an exciting one to see?

UBL 35/2 after 7 overs

going below 6 an over.
Faisal Athar and Saad Sukhail is on the crease.

Faisal Athar is an experience campaigner, he must handle this pressure situation and lead his team to victory.
it's a shout...wicketkeeper asks for it..and finger goes up, Faisal goes too...
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