Score thread - Aus v R.O.W (Super test)

Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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After lossing the Ashes australia will be looking to regain some test form by beating a gavaskar/ X1 in sydney. Australia have already won the odi series 3-0 and will be looking to inflict more pain on the guests.

Match starts @ 01:30 uk time (5hrs and 15 mins from now)

Please place score updates only when the match starts.
toonboy_awaisyboy™ said:
If Inzy aint playing- I aint bothering.

same here although i mite watch to see ROW get hammered if inzi aint playin
Geordie Ahmed said:
I will - just so i can laugh at Bakvaskar (whoever came up with that is a genius :19: ) :))):)))

I think Gadhaskar(whoever came up with that) is much better.:))
I ordered the series, but yeah, if Inzi is'nt playing, I dont care to watch
Punter's won the toss and is going to have a bat
Inzi batting at six! Isn't that a bit low!
Harmy the man.. man oh man .. what a delivery.... Langer gone for a duck.. .where was this guy during the ODI series?
Australia going through the motions and not really bothered about this game as it is a waste of everyones time. I expect an early finish to the game so they can all go play some golf.
who are you foolin Gilly?? im afraid u didnt even convince urself with that one1
I guess the Aussie batsmen are beginning to take it seriously now?
so far nothing has came his way. so can't really say anything @da moment
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Commentators trying to make exsuses for Flintoff
186/4 currently. Vettori picked up clarke and Katich runout by Smith.
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55.3 Muralitharan to Hayden, no run, edged and dropped! Boucher fails to
hold on to a fairly easy chance - costly miss

No Sangakarra. :9:
Aus 247/4

hayden gets a ton and gilchrist is closing in on a 50...
Hayden gone to murali. hayden slashes ball to kallis.

Aussies 5 down now
Hayden out for 111- murali bolwed, the ball bounced more than expected hayden cut it straight to Kallis at point (i thinik)

score is 269/ 5

Boucher just gave 3 bis to murali :9:
another huge 6 by gilli to bring up the 300 for aus (gilli 83) (watson 12)

305 \ 5
Good score by the Aus.

The ROW team is struggling a bit without that 5th bowler....
I dont like Smiths Captaincy and I dont like Boucher.... ( could there be an SA connection there ?) :)
MenInGreen said:
I dont like Smiths Captaincy and I dont like Boucher.... ( could there be an SA connection there ?) :)
Many annoying Saffies at [Edit by Mods: Ahemmmm]?

I guess Gilly (the real one) and Hayden werent too apathetic in their approach to the game though
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Just looks too much of a Saffie club right now...almost feels that others are like unwanted guests !
Not all saffies are annoying... We are generally a happy laid-back bunch!!!! (except for the road rage thingy)

You guys have got to unnerstand...

Smith is the selection
Boucher the selection
Smith will NOT go into any match without Kallis...
Boucher the selection
Only an auto selection due to mess up by selectors. Sangakarra, Kamy and Taibu were much better options
mess up by selectors. Sangakarra, Kamy and Taibu
Whooopeee! Something we agree on... ;)

Anyhow, I think the selectors realised their mistake, but couldn't do anything about it after the die has been cast....

England's 4th change bowler opening the bowling.. who came up with that gem? The fact that Fred's now bowling some of the worst spells I've seen from him for 2 years and I don't really care probably says a lot about this tournament's value. It was nice to see Harmison do well early on but after that it was all a bit limp.

Oh and I don't know why you're so harsh on Boucher, he didn't really mess anything up (unless something happened in the last overs after I went to bed?). I'd certainly pick him over Taibu and Akmal.
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Billy he dropped Hayden prior to his 100 I believe.
WIth 6 specialist batsmen plus Flintoff, batting is pretty much irrelevent. Kamran is far superior to Boucher, especially when it comes to spinners. And Taibu is a probably a better batsman anyway

And sorry about that Miggy
Very mundane actually. Just made a tongue-in-cheek question about Saffies in his workplace, but he doesnt want that information to be released (ie where he works)
o. Rumor has it, MIG in reality is a saffie himself. He is here, undercover, in preperation for the 2006-7 SA-Pak series and trying to understand the physcology of the individuals (Pakistani that is).

And yes I don't make good jokes.
Aussies need to bat to at least tea tomorrow to have any chance of going for a win.
Geordie Ahmed said:
I will - just so i can laugh at Bakvaskar (whoever came up with that is a genius :19: ) :))):)))

i will takr credit for this GA. :19: check the congrats gavaskar thread by monsee
Boucher was awful behind the stumps and thats not a surprise. i agree that taibu, akmal or sangakarra shud have played.
World XI should be happy with 6 wickets in one day on a great batting track. They need get glichrist out early to keep total below 450. I have call it a even at this point.
Amjid Javed said:
Boucher was awful behind the stumps and thats not a surprise. i agree that taibu, akmal or sangakarra shud have played.

Sangakara for the simple reason that he keeps regularly for Murali and secondly, he has been on top batting form for the series....

Fortunate for India, Gavaskar is NOT one of the selectors !

I think the SA bias is too obvious in this team!
First hour tomorrow will be crucial.

Gilchrist has the capability, given the nature of his game, to get out in the second over trying to belt a boundary, or by the time it's lunch, could very well be around 170-180.

MacGill's inclusion makes the tail a lot weaker with McGrath getting a promotion to 10 - which will put a bit more pressure on both Warne and Lee. If they repeat their heroics from the Ashes with the bat, and Gilly clicks, 450+ is on the cards. If not, the ROW XI might end up looking at a total around 360-380 on the board.
Sanga isn't always even a first-choice keeper for the test 11 for SriLanka. Akmal/Taibu would have been good choices. Taibu has done well but Akmal's ability to keep against spin might have counted in his favor.
News is not that good but it is not that bad either - overnight
rain has delayed the start of day 2 by 15 minutes.
Umpires have had their inspection and the news is that we should be
starting soon. (by 00:45 GMT).
im going to sleep till sehri hoepfully when i wake up world 11 batting with kalis and smith back in the hut and lara and sehwag batting with inzi due in next
Check out the batting averages of the World XI:

Smith - 55
Sehwag - 55
Dravid - 58
Lara - 54
Inzamam - 50
Kallis - 56
Flintoff - 33
Boucher - 30
Vettori - 24

I think it's safe to say the World XI will take a first-innings lead with that batting lineup. But then again, cricket can be a funny game.
This is some sick stuff from world xi, what is it that they cant stay on the crease. I really hope Inzi stays forever and show them all his class and form. i am only surprised about dravid's wicket i didnt have much believe in lara or smith or even sehwag. Well good luck to Inzi.