Shane Watson Bat Specs!


Jan 9, 2013
Hi Brothers I am looking to get a GM Flare Original Limited Edition or Halo based on Watson's specs. What weight does he use? How big are his edges? What grip does he use? etc... Give me all the details you can brothers. Thanks.
Check GM Website. in 2012 they came up with Players edition bats and they had the Watson Flare bat.

Search it somewhere GM players edition bat.
i hope this video helps you.watto tells some information about his cricket bat shape.

I also heard that he uses bats weighs around 2 lb 12 ounces

the specs would be:
no concaving
mid-low sweetspot
36-40mm edges
slight bow
thick oval handle

many tell that the bat of watto has speciality (like very thick) in bat handle.not sure what it is/
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