Should there be a third place play-off in the Cricket World Cup?

Should there be a 3rd Place Play-off in the Cricket World Cup?

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Mar 3, 2010
Should there be a play-off match to decide who is 3rd and 4th in the Cricket World Cup like in Football?
No, it's a waste of time in football and would be a waste of time in cricket.
3rd place play off only make sense when there is a bronze medal up for grabs in any sport (for Olympic type events) - others they are devoid of meaning. Who cares if you came third rather than fourth.

I doubt any losing semi-finalist would want to play such a game!
No real point, it doesn't matter much in the FIFA World Cup and it wouldn't matter much in cricket either. All that matters is the winner and the runner up gets an honourable mention.
why not, seems like a good idea!

another thing they should bring back is the Super Series ODIs, that was brilliant.
Would be boring, with every one waiting for the Final the next day/later in the evening.

No one would give a rat's a** about it
A 3rd Place Final

Not sulking or anything of the sort.

I was always going to bring this topic up though.

In the FIFA World Cup there is a 3rd Place Final.

Should there be a 3rd Place Final for the Cricket World Cup?

Should the two semi finalists battle it out for a 3rd Place achievement?
I would have loved to take revenge of that group match against Kiwis....

I was hoping it to be a Pak-NZ final...
Agreed but would surely mean even more if we had an opportunity to place for a 3rd place play off and the greens were to go on and win that?

yaaar i also wish that cricketers were paid as much as footballers, maby there would be less fixing, but what can we do?
Yeah,its an anti-climax to have made it all the way to the final and then lose the semis.We seem to be have played one match short,maybe its because the Super 6/8 stage is scrapped but wouldn't mind to see Pakistan play one last match.
:))) there was a thread like this after pakistan beat west indies, 'should there be a 3rd place playoff like in football?' and 90% of the people said no, now it's the opposite (btw I thought it should be there from the start).
I think it should take place, so tha one of the losing teams in semi finals goes out with a win and smiles on face. A semi-final defeat always hurts and it probabaly hurts more than a final defeat.

To this day, i feel worse about the 96 semi final loss than the 2003 final loss
I would hate to watch Pakistan play a third place 'final'. The battle of the losers. I'd rather they just came home.
I heard some cricketer from NZ tweeted after yesterday match whether NZ reached 3rd place since Pak lost to them in league match....
I don't think it would be a good idea for Pakistan after losing to India.
I heard some cricketer from NZ tweeted after yesterday match whether NZ reached 3rd place since Pak lost to them in league match....

how about pakistan beat SL who thrashed the kiwis twice
3rd-4th place match will be meaningless. Nothing will be at stake except maybe the feeling that u can go out of tournament atleast with a win.
world cup is about becoming world champion.. becoming number 1... not about becoming no. 2 or no. 3
So England vs Belgium tomorrow in football so this raises the question. IMO, it's pointless and not needed in any sport. I'm sure after a semi-final, mentally and physically you will not be in the right state to play a meaningless match. If I was a player in a world tournament and had been knocked out in the semi-final, I would just want to go home and see my friends/family. A poll has been added. I accidentally voted yes, but as you can tell by this post, I do not think it is necessary in the Cricket World Cup.
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From a business point of view it does make sense, although imo it's pointless. I don't know why the ICC hasn't implemented it yet as it would obviously still make them quite a bit of money. If there was a 3rd place match last world cup it would've been India vs SA, and I know a lot of Indians would still watch that match.
Completely pointless.

Playoffs for losers is for u19 WC. Where exposure matters more than the results.
There's only like 6 or 7 legit teams lol, what will it even prove?
In football it probably doesn’t matter as much because it’s a 90 minute game.

But in cricket putting time and resources to another cricket match that lasts a whole day is just a waste.

But given the amount of dead rubbers that there are going to be in the 2019 World Cup already, why the hell not?:azhar2
In football, getting to the world cup is a journey, so the playoff game makes sense as a reward for that long journey of qualification, success and ultimately getting something to show for it.

Cricket, it's given to get the world cup, so it's all useless.