SL vs ZIM : zimbabwe with a chance to win chasing 175 !!


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Dec 23, 2005
Sri Lanka 171/7 (28/28 ov)
Zimbabwe 77/1 (13.0/28 ov)
Zimbabwe require another 95 runs with 9 wickets
Nope, Mendis will pull it off in the end. Murali is still there as well.
they need 84 runs with 9 wickets in hand , they sure have a chance here ...thoug am not counting out a collapse !
Zimbabwe think tank is empty, sending Chibhaba ahead of Williams, the jokers.
It seems Zimababwe didn't make it. Well they got scored their most runs of the series. They are improving. Will they get out on 65 next game?
Its not easy with Murali and Mendis in the other team. What would Sri Lanka do without those two?
Deserved defeat for Zimbabwe.

Rainsford the best seamer in Zimbabwe plays his first game since WC 07, he bowls well but doesn't bowl the full 6 available.

Chinhaba who struggles to get things moving at the best of times is sent in with a few balls left ahead of Williams who is probably Zimbabwe's best batsman.

Considering the players they've lost in droves it's still remarkable that they can on very rare occasions still push major teams, however the game there has long since gone to the dogs and though you gotta sympathise with the tiny group of half decent players still in the team, they prolly shouldn't even be playing ODI's against the majors.