South Africa v Pakistan | 2nd T20I |Centurion| 03-03-2013 | South African Innings

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Feb 4, 2005
South Africa need 196 to win.

Do Pakistan have enough on the board?
South Africa will come out hard and fast. It's imperative that we hold our nerve and keep them in check.
Fast bowlers need to mix it up. Hafeez should try to bowl more to the left handers. How many left handers they have in the top 7? Does anyone know?
Average total in centurio 199
average total in centurion in day game 206
so pak still behind
South Africa v Pakistan | 2nd T20I |Centurion| 03-03-2013 | South African Innin

I don't know what's worse!! Kamran or the umpire
How is that a WIDE??????
I get Kamran sucks, but how bout some decent umpiring pls???

And again, Irfan useless with new ball..... why is there so much hype for somebody who sucks so bad????
Kamran back in action ... dropping a straight forward catch !!!
Great bowl by Junaid first up.
Kamran the Horrible is back. SA must be loving the idea of their batsmen getting more than one lives throughout the series :facepalm:
Beautay by Junaid first up. Shame he could only play the first Test.
Horrible catching. Definite noise. Blind umpire and wicket keeper in action.
Ball moved back slightly, inside edge for one.
This is HOW YOU BOWL!!!!

already cranking at 140! Go Junaid!! Get us an early wicket pls
Junaid strikes with a slower ball, well bowled.
The slower ball does the trick. The run out chance doesn't cost much.
This guy is a brilliant bowler.

Another super slower ball
Davids outta here. Good slower ball by Junaid.
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