Sri Lanka Premier League| 19/08/12 | Commentary & Discussion

Gotham Cronie

Test Debutant
Jun 15, 2006
1st match taking place today:

Wayamba United v Basnahira Cricket Dundee

Key players from Basnahira:

Dilshan*, BJ Hodge, DP Nannes

Key players from Wayamba:

Abdul Razzaq, Azhar Mahmood, LD Chandimal, DPMD Jayawardene*, Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Hafeez, Tamim Iqbal, Umar Akmal

2nd game taking place today:

Uthura Rudras v Uva Next

Key Players from Uthura:

Imran Farhat, CK Kapugedera, MF Maharoof, KD Mills, J Mubarak*, M Muralitharan, Naved-ul-Hasan, BRM Taylor

Key Players from Uva:

S Chanderpaul, Fawad Alam, CJ Ferguson, CRD Fernando, JDP Orgam, Shoaib Malik, WU Tharanga, Umar Gul
Hopefully today the overseas players from Wayamba will be:

Tamim Iqbal, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal & Azhar Mahmood
Hopefully today the overseas players from Wayamba will be:

Tamim Iqbal, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal & Azhar Mahmood

I dont think umar will be playing. Hafeez or Hogg will be in his place. And i dont think Mahmood is in Lanka
OP you are comedian, fawad alam and maharoof- key player :))) :)))
umar and hafeez should b dropped by wayamba get in razzaq and mahmood ...

uthura should get farhat in
Umar should be dropped? After one game where the whole top order failed including Jayawardene? Poor decision.

& Azhar is in Lanka. I saw him last game.
I'd say open with Kamran and Iqbal, Mahela at 3, Hafeez at 4, Mahmood at 5 and Razzaq/Chandimal at 6.
told you umar will be dropped ....... :asif

Yep I was worring for that to happen as well. In these money-oriented leagues not enough option for experiment, must check out all benched players to make out top formed XI before SF.
Kami proving again he is one of the best T20 player in the wrold! 19 off 9 balls already
sweetly struck four down the ground for :four this time by Tamim
Most out-formed playing with most in-form. I hope, this will be Professor's confidence building match.
Poor Hafeez, I wish 23 (23 ball, SR 100) will impress team mgnt to keep him for next match.
Hafeez was playing well, but threw it away. :|

Anyways, good to see Kami in great touch! Playing the sweep shot constantly. :)
Kami gets dropped on 44, then smacks a boundary and gets a 50. Well done Kami! :14:

Now I hope Kami hismelf doesn't drop a catch in return. :))
Wayamba 105/2 after 13 overs. Kami 53 not out.

With Kami and Jayawardene at the crease and Mahmood/Chandimal to follow, I back Wayamba to get 170 here.
kami has now most half century by any pakistani batsmen in t20 cricket
Jayawardene gone, Chandimal in. Wayamba 121/3 after 15 overs. Kami, Chandi, Mahmood can still take Wayamba to 170.
I think wayamba got their tactics wrong. Kamran shouldve given more of the strike during the field restrictions and slog, while tamim would take charge when fielders are off.

Both batsman blasting isnt the best option :13:
The fielding and bowling has been rubbish. Also, the batting really hasnt been explosive and weve havent seen too many over boundaries so far.

Even the umpiring hass been pathetic
Oh dear, wickets tumbling. Chandimal, Azhar, Kami all gone. 143/6 after 18 overs, I reckon 165-170 is still on the cards.
Hafeez is playing because he looks intelligent and methodological...and because he is our captain ...other wise i think Umar and Razzaq both are better players than him...
But having said that he might play in the next match because of his 1 or 2 wickets
some teams look really weak on paper, Uthura, basnahira and uva, others are OK