''The best team lost.'' - Sir Freelance


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Jan 10, 2011
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CDF defending champs' manager and players couldn't control their emotions after they were knocked out of the tourney despite winning their last game in dominating fashion and equaling group leaders in terms of points but only losing on goal difference. Legendary manager Sir Freelance when approached for comments only said one thing and then headed to team bus in despair, ''The best team lost.''

Captain Schweinsteiger was devastated at the news and was inconsolable even on the field. Later in press conference Schweini said he never for a second believed Monsters were gonna be knocked out, ''This is unbelievable, we were quite sure of making it to the quarter finals. Our recent form has been amazing and we really have been among the top 3 sides since the mid season break. We wanted to defend out title this year, Copa meant a lot to us. Now i am a shattered man and i don't know what to say.''



Toni Kroos, the fastest rising superstar in the league and prophesied to be the next Xavi was shattered as well, ''We paid the price for our earlier bad performances, the pain is unbearable right now. The kind of team we have, the form we have been in, its really painful to be knocked out of the tourney on goal difference.''


Manuel Neuer in tears.


''Its the saddest day of my life, sadder than the choke against Biryani Royal losers.''
Sad day for Monsters.

Shutter down strike in Monsters Arena..
Its raining, even the angels are crying. :rondu