The love of softball cricket and the agony of hard tennis balls


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Nov 27, 2010
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Just posted this in reply in a thread and thought to start a new thread to introduce you softball players with something delightful.

Hard Tennis balls are an ABSOLUTE HORROR to play cricket with.

The ball bounces way too much to play a front foot drive.
You mostly end up playing at midwicket due to awkward bounce
There is no concept of playing a carpet shot that could roll over the grass.
Significant danger of sustaining an injury if the ball hits you in the groin.
Fingers could be broken if a hard hit stroke is attempted to be caught in a failed attempt.
Throwing the ball back to keeper from long distance will take your arm with it.
If there is moisture around, the ball absorbs it and gets even worse

And it's all because hard tennis ball is HEAVIER than a regular hard/leather cricket ball.


If you wanna play cricket with softball and safely have TONS OF FUN then try

Wilson A1217B Soft compression Baseball or a Wilson A1228B Soft Compression Baseball.

These balls are softer than a regular baseball. They provide a perfect mix of tape ball (without having to replace the tape every few overs) and a heavy tennis ball. They are very safe if struck on the body; however, you will require a regular cricket bat - a tape ball bat won't do.
Their weight is perfect which provides an awesome bounce, and also the leather surface skids perfect to suit the bowlers and the batsmen. You can delightfully play regulation cricket strokes, including front foot drive that rolls the ball over the ground, and also cut shot at the back foot. The bowlers get an awesome feel of the grip as there is a seam on the balls.
Fielding and catching is wonderful and provides an actual cricket environment.
These balls are an absolute delight to play cricket with.
Once you play with them, you will NEVER go back to that junk of hard tennis ball.

ps: Not sure if you can buy them in UK but search for Wilson Soft compression baseball.
Folks in the U.S. can buy it from amazon or any sporting good store.
(There are other manufactures like Rawling or Champion but those don't last long while Wilson's lasts forever).
Hard tennis ball need proper maidan. It's just land that reduces speed of hard tennis ball and easy to play. That kind of land is hard to find or make in states. For road or very hard concrete surface tape ball with normal tennis ball is perfect. Hard tennis ball wouldn't work on uneven bounce unless it's maidan.

like this

Never tried with soft compression ball. Excited to check it out. I am not sure if that ball can bounce properly by looking at its pictures. I played with indoor hard ball though, may be it's like that.


Fun playing with that except too much noise it makes. Thak thak thak every where it hits. lol
The ball in the picture may be prefered as a rubber cock or a practice ball. i have experience with them and they are nice to play with in a long porch with pads on to feel like playing with a real cricket ball. they are also good for concrete or proper pitches but not roads because then the sewing or sillai is opened up and a cery light foam ball comes out!