[VIDEOS] Chris Martin - Batting Watch...

That's hillarious! He has a good sense of humour.
Chris Martin's batting and bowling records

Chris Martin has nearly twice as many wickets he does Test runs. He has 193 wickets to 97 runs.

loved when the commentators kept saying

hes really determined to get his hundred

Mods, can we have a poll

Will Martin get to 200 wicket or 100 test runs first? :D :yk
apparently there was a period of 4 years where he took 41 wickets and scored 0 runs.

Chris Martin 100 Runs

Congratulations to Chris Martin for his 100 runs in Test cricket. Well played sir. :14:
Chris martin you beauty whaddaplaya, great achievement in just 60 matches & he is unstoppable today. Go Phantom!
Too bad this hundred is going to come in a losing cause. :sachin
Never ever seen such a standing ovation for any century, not even Lara's 400 :facepalm:
chris martin has 405 first class runs with a highest score of 25.
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A class knock. Really was.

Special player this lad.

[Wagon Wheel on his batting by the NZ channel was epic :))) :)))]
Funny stuff from the NZ commentators .. epic defeat or not they were having a good time with Martin.
Whats the big deal abt his 100 test runs?

slowest player to get to hundred runs in an international cricket, in just 84 innings.

I was surprised he didn't raise his bat to the crowd, it's such a big achievement for him.
:))) He came out looking all determined, was funny to see.
But congrats to him on finally getting there.
Whats the big deal abt his 100 test runs?

It's like Indian bowlers bowling phaast!

We know both are impossible, and when they do happen, then deserve all the applaud and standing ovation. :nehra
Actually he is a popular (adorable) character among NZ cric fans. I kinda like him too as he hardly sledges or bad mouths or even scolds at a batsman, something that is pretty common in opening bowlers.
Martin finally achieved that "much awaited" milestone:))
The excitement in the commies' voice when Martin ran for 3 runs was hilarious!

P.S Martin is a clone of Timothy Olyphant (Hitman fame)!
I was disappointed he did not take off his helmet and raise his bat
Out of 86 test match innings, Martin has stayed for 10 or more ball on only 14 occasions..... two of them have been in this series! Who said our bowling was good when we can't seem to get Martin out? :p


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Learn to bat like Chris Martin!

It's not hard, you just need to work at it.

Chris Martin - Batting Watch...

The legend is gonna be facing the first ball tomorrow, expect a record crowd. :D

One for the ages :bow:

Some famous quotes on Chris Martin-
Bradman: Come honey and tell me if he reminds you of me in bed.

NewZealand TV on Chris Martin's debut - God exists and he is Kiwi.

Viv Richards: Enjoy Sir Chris Martin's batting for as long as you can.

Hanid Mohammed: Martin was sent by God to bat.

Blitz: For all the hype, he's still no Inzi.

Afridi: I'd rather eat the ball than bowl at Chris Martin.

NASA: We just caught signals of Aliens connecting to WWW just to check out Martin's batting clips.

Sunny Leone: Every man has got one but you gotta know what to do with it just like Chris.

King Agamemnon: Of all the batsmen loved by Wisden, i hate him the most. I shall rule NZ one day.

Morgan Freeman: Chris Martin reminds me of Andy. Andy Dufresne was my friend.

Rashid Latif: I have evidence of Chris Martin fixing matches.

Alexander Hartdegen: I have travelled 70,00,000 years into future just to know why can't one bat like Chris Martin?
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I doubt the phantom will last to long tomorrow :)))
haha gotta get up early tomorrow.wont miss this for anything in the world.

All seats in the stadium booked, all towering building in the vicinity occupied by campers already.
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Alarm set. Just can't wait, i am not evening sleeping tonight to make sure i don't miss it.

One batsman to rule''em all
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Raina ye dekh, that's how you play short pitch bowling.

Chris executing the upper helicopter cut to perfection. The ball escaped Earth's atmosphere.

What happens if he scores a double-hundred?
Jason Gillespie anyone?
^ Not possible. He doesn't have much support left :p
Our champ made a classy 5 from 5 deliveries today :14:

That should help his batting average immensely :))
Off late he has been really good with he ball against a number of opponents. Very under-rated bowler.

But Mr. Martin is really something with the bat. Second coming of Bradman. :don
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He is the only man to possess the stat of having a lower batting average than his Runs Per Over.

i love the cheer the crowd gives every time he survives a ball.

it is louder than when he gets a wicket
What a thread:))!

He is my favourite New Zealand batsman;-).
All time favorite for me, the upper heli cut is just an awesome shot. :)))
THIS is the shot that arguably ended Bhajji's career. Never did he flight a ball again. Career ending shot. Scarred Bhajji for life :))

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ht4SCDOZsLA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

There's something problematic about the old-fashioned number eleven; fans and even teams seem to perversely enjoy his suffering to the point of wanting to keep one for themselves. The likes of Martin will never improve because they are kind of not allowed to.
The Chris Martin will most likely have a crack at the fearing South Africans tonight/tomorrow:9:.......
THIS is the shot that arguably ended Bhajji's career. Never did he flight a ball again. Career ending shot. Scarred Bhajji for life :))

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ht4SCDOZsLA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thank you, i've been looking for it. One of the greatest moments in modern day Cricket.
Made a first-ball duck today:14:!

When he walked out to bat, I said to my mother, "(Ravi) Ashwin will be on hat-trick on first ball of the next innings." It happened as I predicted.

A few seconds later, I told her that it is more down to Chris Martin´s batting instead of me as anyone could have predicted that.
The legend Chris Martin has walked out to bat......