West Indies vs Pakistan | 1st Test | Guyana | 14/5/11 | Day 3 : Session 2

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Dec 29, 2008
WI 96/7 with a lead of 162 with skipper Sammy and Chanderpaul at the crease.

Pakistan looking to wrap this up asap!
162/7 hmmm

let's try to restrict them to under 200, we might have a chance then. 180 would be ideal.
What score would Pakistan find difficult to chase on this wicket?
No they arent. If they were they will play threatening bowlers like hafeez and riaz instead of abdur rehman.
Guys - I need to see everyone on twitter. login into twitter and start tweeting!
How much wickets has Ajmal taken so far? and will the second test also be played on this ground want to see a high scoring test innings :(
It's vital that Pakistan don't lose their focus and take it easy against the remaining batsmen - pakistan need a attacking field here and avoid conceding extras - vital session for Pakistan.
I'm really happy for Ajmal, he did well for Pakistan, he deserves a fiver. Good decison by him not to review the close one on Sammy, Windies commentators were rubbing it in but going by the way the umpires do their job in West Indies there was credible doubt to adjudge that not out and for Pakistan to lose the one review left.
Windies are in a great position, as PAkistan ranks below West Indies and just above Bangladesh when it comes to batting. To bat second on these conditions would be tough, and will put a lot of responsiblity on Misbah, in which he'll surely flunk.
Ok guys lets wrap them quickly now
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13 LBWs....

The batsmen are so rubbish that they are missing straight balls...
5 for Ajmal, 10 wicket haul :ajmal

Mashallah well done, good achievement.
Why did Umar Akmal had to dive to obstruct Hafeez's view???????????
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