West Indies vs Sri Lanka | 2nd test | Trinidad | 03/04/2008 to 07/04/2008


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Oct 31, 2005
Handy effort by the Windies to restrict the Lankans to 278. Can they bat well enough to take a substantial lead? Here comes the captain Gayle back in his familiar role as opener! Will he be eaten up by Vaas again? Some interesting cricket on display here...
Fidel showing signs of maturing as a senior bowler. He was very very good in the last series in Safrica.Another 4fer here.

In terms of sheer pace, this calyposo trio is no slow coach. All close to 88-90 consistently. Fidel is the most hostile IMO.
Fidel is the most hostile and it's about time he starts putting in some consistent performances with the ball. At the moment his stats are sami-esque.

I think Jerome Taylor is the best and most talented of the lot. The ball he got Jayawardene with was as good as the one Dravid got from Steyn.
Gayle 39 off 39
WI 49-0 after 9 overs
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Gayle ths batsman out on 45 when WI was on 58
WI 84-1 after 15.1 overs - trail by 194 runs
Good day for Windies so far. Wrapped up the SL innings fairly quickly today and now 98 for 1.
At tea WI 133-1 after 27 overs - trails by 145
Chattergoon 45 - Sarwan 33
Now Shiv's gone. 199-5. Bravo, Smith, Ramdin and the tail really need to buckle down and get the Windies a good lead. If not the Lankans will rack up a big 2nd innings total and it's over.
Last batsman out Bravo on 26. Dwayne Smith batting on 44
WI 261-6 after 61 overs - trails by 17 runs
end of day two
WI 268-7 after 63.5 overs
This is what bbc is reporting and 63.5 overs looks strange to end the day (unless rain)
Day 3 - this is a cracker in the making.

Gayle is funny. After averaging 5 in tests against Vaas, he says it's because 'Vaasy is too slow'.
Taylor is really special.

Pace, aggression, and movement.

With the right support (from curators, coach and captain-and new ball partners) he'll be as good as we've ever seen.

Macko, after 18 tests, had a similar 'feel' about him- raw, talented but just about getting there.

18 tests, 63 wkts at 26 with just 1 5FER. A low average also due to the fact that he was bowling in an era of lower scores on average.

Taylor has 53 in 18 games, albeit at a higher average of 36 but with 3 fivers already.
Day 3: Post Lunch Session - Sri Lanka lead by 85 runs

guess they wont get their first ever win in the caribbean
SL won their first test in WI last test

Silva out off Taylor
SL 104-6 - lead of 88
guys is this a 2 test or 3 test series?
2 test

West Indies have been playing a lot of 2 test series' at home lately. Are boards reluctant to send their teams to play this 'weak' Windies team, or is it just the amount of cricket being played?
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its only 2 tests unfortunately

they play 3 odis starting

1st ODI v West Indies at Port of Spain - Apr 10, 2008 (09:30 local, 13:30 GMT)

y couldnt it be 3 test series

this series is really goodd IMO
with WI you never know. 150 lead will give Murali something to work with.
SL 133-6 after 35 overs - lead of 117
Play after tea starting
SL 151-6 after 42 overs - lead of 135
42 overs left in the day but probably won't happen
Oxy said:
Windies have a player called 'Chattergoon'? :))
there is a sub named Jaggernaught on the field now. I hope he makes it to the playing XI
f.b.m said:
Sewnarain Chattergoon. A U19 player called Veersammy Permaul, etc.

Awesome names. Those players must be of Indian origin just like Sarwan, Chanderpaul. And I think "Chattergoon" is a modern version of "Shatrughn", a character in Ramayana :)) :))
srg said:
Awesome names. Those players must be of Indian origin just like Sarwan, Chanderpaul. And I think "Chattergoon" is a modern version of "Shatrughn", a character in Ramayana :)) :))
Jaggernaught or Juggernaught also looked like Indian origin. I think first name was Amit or Amjit
Current Partnership: 86(159)

Sri Lanka lead by 169 runs

Sri Lanka: 278, 185/6 (50.5 Ovs)

Overs left for the day: 25.1

wI needs a wkt soon
Samaraweera moves to 84
SL 202-6 after 56.4 overs - lead of 186
WI bowling bad line and lenghts..

Match just slipped away from them.
a quite evenly contested match going on here, can go either way.... lead now 248 and 2 wickets to go
12thMan said:
best batsman to watch Murali in now.

Murali & Chris Martin are absolute legends with the bat... too bad they don't stay in long enough
Murali does his pull shot and gets ct at long leg
SL 268 all out
WI need 253 to win. that should be end of day
254 might be too much for the Windies. Hope they pull it off though.
This test is very much like the one the WI and India played a couple of summers ago. WI went on to lose by 49 runs I think but it was one of the best tests I've seen in a long time. Sad that the spectator count isn't backing up this cracking "Test" of skill.
WI 93 for 3, needing another 160 to win. Looks like this is going to go to the wire.

Sarwan's the key - 45 not out
Can't believe there's not mor interest in this game. It's definately bound to be a humdinger. Let's Go Sarwan!!! Let's Go Windies!!!
Windies in good shape now - 129 for 3. 2 stalwarts batting Sarwan and Chanders
Sarwan 73 - Chanderpaul 42
WI 161-3 after 47 overs - need 92 to win

lets go wi 2 indian origins at the crease

correct me if im wrong but isnt india the only team in the subcontinent to win a series in the caribbean
Chanderpaul 50 - Sarwan 95
WI 193-3 - need 60 more to win

Just realized Sangakkara is keeping this match. Low scores and 10 byes :batman:
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West Indies need 59 runs

WI are carrying the choker tag in the last couple of months

come on WI win already so SL cant win :D
Sarwan gets 100 with a sweep to four
WI 201-3 - need 52 more to win
Real pity that it's only a 2 test series, but nonetheless this is a great effort by the Windies!
Sheikh said:
Real pity that it's only a 2 test series, but nonetheless this is a great effort by the Windies!

This is what makes 2 Tests so unsatisfactory. Why not a proper series? This is happening more and more nowadays.

Regarding the pitiful attendance, someone on Cricinfo was saying that tickets for the forthcoming ODI are US$100! If they're charging even a quarter of that for this game, it's little wonder that the ground's empty.
There's a pretty decent crowd in today and they've been following the action with great interest. I'm sure there would have been added interest if there was a 3rd test, alas...
WI win by 6 wickets. Chanderpaul also passes Greenidge test score to move to #4 in WI leading test scorer. Ends the match at 86*
Sarwan is the MOM and MOS - his scores 80, 72, 57 and 102
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Good to see Sarwan finally finding his feet in test cricket, it was long over due.
2 test series are generally so frustrating, they always leave me wanting that 3rd test and more often than not, the decider.
I love it !

The west indies have a decent group of quick bowlers and a few good batters....how i'd love to see them get some kind of form . Great to see them win one....first S.a and then sri lanka in back to back series ....go boys !