Aus v Ind | Day 2| Pakpassion Live from SCG

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Shoaib Naveed

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Apr 18, 2010
Hi Guys,

Conditions looking great right now...match about to get under way in less than hour...thunderstorms predicted later in the afternoon...Indians will be hoping it comes as quick as possible
Crowd slowly trickling in, no where near full right now..the crowd was around 35000 guess would be much less predicted today....although with a Ponting hundred on the cards and the home boy Clarke playing more people should be turning up
Fletcher said some thing interesting at the press conference yesterday which made me wonder if he is the right man to be coaching the Indian side. He said he is telling Gambhir and co to be more positive in their approach....i would think that is the last thing the Indian batting needs right now. If any thing India should be looking to leave as many balls as possible and patience was key.
Hoping for a Ponting ton today as well as a Clarke ton. Aus should bat until day 4 lunch and get a huge lead and then only bat once.
Hoping for a Ponting ton today as well as a Clarke ton. Aus should bat until day 4 lunch and get a huge lead and then only bat once.

You're takin' it too far mate! They struggled to bat 25 odd overs, and I don't think they can survive another 2.3 days. I think they'll get bowled out today, with a lead of around 120.
aussies will take a lead today and by end of second session india will bat , lets see how they come up in second inning
Sharma from the other end...Was not up to the mark at all yesterday...starts with an absolute peach...will be hoping for more accuracy and to pitch it up more
Indians lacking energy in the field... need to pick up a wicket fast or these two can run away with the game fast
body language of indian players tells me they dont wana be on feild..
Commies were speaking about the greatness of Wasim Akram moments ago. I am just going to tune into the ESPN comm now LOL. See the difference.
Strange tactics. Poor captaincy from Dhoni. Seriously overrated as a captain.
The Cricket lacking energy so far, both teams not wanting to take risks...makes sense in Aus's case as Ponting and Clarke bring up the hundred partnership but India really needs to show a bit more aggression
There is no rush for Aus, plenty of time to go. They should aim to bat all day even if it's at 2.75 runs per over.
Refreshing to see both these batsmen leaving the ball and showing a bit of patience....the mediocre batting performance from both sides seems to have had an effect of these two
OHH Wasim is kissing the back side of Indians... saying Yadav will going to be faster bad news for... Batsman all around the world... he just bowling 135 to 140 kph... well done wasim... another contact with star cricket...
This is the match thread for today?

yeah... Australia... decided to grind India out of the match... risky way to play... if you don't score... if they lose couple of quick wickets.... hmmm... comon Australia...
Ponting looking mighty impressive now, thats the second time he has played his favorite flick between midwicket and mid-on...the Indians looking really lackluster at the moment
Indians have set a trap for Ponting by having two back on the pull....Punter loos to be in control of the shot at the moment though
India vs Australia, Down under Thunder over at Sydney, Day 2

India all out for 191

Australia 154/3

Ponting on 69*
Clarke on 60*

Indian bowlers are looking good to finish off the Australian innings!

Let the comments begin :sachin
Indian bowlers bowling well and I have a feeling can restrict the Aussies for a low total
Another ball on the pads another flick for four, both of these batsmen looking good for centuries
i wonder what happened to Yaduv speed? :akhtar

not even one 150km thunder bolt!
for one hour they were not playing shots... Ponting and Clarke... now both are oppening up...
Sorry where are all those people proclaiming Dhoni to be the best subcontinental captain of all time? Horrible defensive tactics, the Aussie batsmen are rotating the strike with ease, as well as finding the boundaries regularly too....there is absolutely no pressure on the batsmen whatsoever. Not dissimilar to what we saw from him in England.
In karachi's language we say... " Ponting ne ghulam banaya hua hai Indian ko"
If Indian does not break this partnership in this session, Aussie will get 400 plus in this inning.
Inshallah is God Willing right? Not too good with terms, but I shall use one that you lot use so often.

Inshallah Indian bowlers all reach their centuries today.

Did I do it right?
Ravi is a biased commentator...Ganguly and Manjeraker are the best commentators. Very balanced.
missing sir aggy bad, remember his match winning spell against the aussie legend xi
Indian commentators are saying that Yadav is struggling because of the
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