Australia vs South Africa | 2nd Test | Adelaide | 25/11/12 | Day 4

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Jan 29, 2005
As predicted by our resident Aussie posters, it looks like there will be a result in this game.

Australia are 273 ahead with 5 wickets remaining, how many more do they need?
If Aus is all out with in next 50-75 runs (@325-350 to win) ... it will very interesting game. Beyond that... will be difficult.
Can see Aussies slumping and a target of 300+ being set and achieved by SA.
Hope SA get these wickets quickly. Bad thing for SA is these two are the two batsman in form so early wickets will be the key. Hoping all wickets will be gone by lunch and then I back SA to chase 320.

AB is due a big innings :)
sa have a knack of chasing huge scores, so you never know.
There is plenty of time for South Africa to chase down 400+ again. If they can bowl out Australia in the morning session they will be on top imo.
Lets see what Hussey does?
It still blows my mind that he made his debut in test cricket as a 30 year old \.
Still has played 70+ tests at an average over 50. Could have been an all time great!
Tahir on....

He is going to win the game for SAF! :)
4 very good deliveries and then one crap!
Tahir's been incredibly disappointing, just doesn't have the control required at this level.
i feel sorry for smith, no way you can set a field to tahirs bowling, hes walking on egg shells every ball. you cant get a batsmen out if your pre occupied with not getting spanked every ball.
Tahir going at 5 an over on a pitch tailor made for spinners, how crap can you get :facepalm:
Tahir is a club bowler, not cut out for International cricket
Time for Matthew Wade to show us what he is made of
Looks like Patto won't be bowling so we will be a bowler short too
Difference between both the teams this Test has been Tahir and Lyon

Tahir until now 34 overs 0-247 :)))
Lyon 44 overs 2-91

:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
Im feeling a bit for Imran Tahir, its similar to the demolition the Saffers did to Bryce McGain in his only Test. He just isnt Test class and sub standard leggies go for heaps because they bowl so many bad balls. He does bowl good deliveries but Test batsmen just sit on those and wait for the long hop that comes twice an over.

50 for Huss again.
would love to see this go down to the wire..

thrilling match so far, and its far from over..

South Africa have chased 420-odd before, lets see if they can make this as interesting...

I really do hope, as a neutral, that the match gets very very close..will be phenomenal to see how the 2 best teams cope with the pressure..
Aussies should tee off after lunch and declare asap. IMO around 400 should be more than enough on this track.
7/206 at lunch, 368 ahead. Going to be tough, particularly if the tail can thrash another 30 or so runs. Time is now going to be the issue for both teams - the OZ definitely want to declare by tea at the latest if they haven't been bowled out by then.
South Africa still just about in this one. There is some uneven bounce but still a very good batting track. Saffers need to take these last 3 wickets before Aus reach over 400 to really give it a good go in chasing it down.

8 down now.. Morkel has been superb on this deck. Tail to finish off..Tahir may get another go yet. lol
Are the bails super glued on or something?
I say declare after Hilfy gets out. He's middling a few out there. Might as well give him a few overs to slog.
Pattison clobbers Tahir for two 4s.
Now tailenders spanking Tahir, average now above 50, where it should be.
Absolutely out of reach now! Aus wins!

Yeah that's what I think as well. If this is chased down it will be the highest successful chase on this ground by over a 100 runs. And only once before has a team managed to put up over 400 in the 4th innings (445) and that was in 1978. So history is certainly against SA.
SA won't pass 300 in this pitch lol And Lyon is miles better than crappy Tahir.
Pattinson is also joining in on the fun.
Current partnership 37 runs, 5.0 overs, RR: 7.40 (Hilfenhaus 17, Pattinson 13)
45 runs, 5.2 overs, RR: 8.43 (Hilfenhaus 17, Pattinson 21)
A bit of slogging should get Aus to 450 in 4 or 5 overs. That will really hurt.
And Pup calls in the troops, 429 to chase
Good deceleration from Clarke. With Pattison out this isn't impossible for Saffers to chase down with a draw very much possilble. Amla the key wicket.
Good declaration from Pup. He could've probably batted on with a lead of 500 to keep it safe, but he wants the Yarps to be interested enough to have a go.
SA 430 to win. Huge task. Around 140 overs to get them but I doubt they will even survive for 120 overs.
SA would need to bat out of skins to chase such a total . Remember a couple of wickets any time can put them back by miles in this chase.

I have a feeling lyon will play an important part here.
Good declaration....

Will Patto bowl in this innings?

A huge partnership for first wicket will make this extremely interesting...
Imran Tahir 32 overs for 260 runs, I think.

I've seen some **** bowlers but he's the crappiest of highest order. Even a part-timer would've bowled better than this. PPers have been defending this guy for sometime but I don't think they will do it anymore.
260 off 37 RA. And no wickets to show for it. Fail whale! :)))
Smiffy out edged to slips for a duck
Now that Smith is gone and Kallis is batting with an injury Amla will have to do the hard yards.
Clarke did give Ponting a rather massive slap on the buttocks after taking Smith's catch. So looks like ponting has booked his flight to Perth. :21:
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