Bat Repair and Issues Thread.


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Oct 3, 2009

I think that was needed as I was needing it and dont know where to post so here is my problem.

Sorry for the photograph a bit blur its I phone creepy focus thing now I can see that the background is focused.

So this is my Malik Babbar Sher bat and I was knocking it last week and found that visible crack on the bottom it is not looking that serious to me right now also seems like its not going that deep but have a look and advice what shall be done ??


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Is it the one near the bottom of the picture?

Did you use it or not? From toe it looks a bit used..
@Cover Drive: Yes thats the crack I used it in 2 matches and few net sessions.

@Quick Single: I had the same idea but I am scared if it goes deep in :D
Bhai did you get any yorker? I think this happened because bat was probably unknocked and balls were new/hard etc so that might have caused the damage.

It doesn't look a bit one so probably sand it a bit and see if it disappears or not, if it doesn't then you might want to put fibreglass tape on the toe.
If I remmeber correctly I blocked a real toe crusshing yorker and yes I guess my bad I use it in nets against new ball without much knocking.

I will try to use sandpaper and see but fiberglass tabe hmmm I have to look for it I dont think I have it at home ?? any idea from where to get it ??
Ahh then I am 100% sure that the delivery was the one which damaged your bats toe. To be honest it is not a big or worrying damage.

Are you still in Karachi ?
You can use hockey tape.............will be easier to find............well..........depends where u live..............but the best thing to use is fiberglass tape.