Best Bat?


Mar 24, 2013
I am think to get a Junior 6/Harrow Size bat. Which is the best out of the following in terms of ping, performance,pickup and quality?

1) Gray Nicolls Legend
2) SS TON Gladiator
3) SG Sunny Legend
4) GM Argon Original DXM
5) GM Icon Original DXM
which ever bat feels the best in your hands.
For junior players i recommend that they only buy bats that they can feel in a store, a lot of players also make the mistake of buying heavy bats, you really do want a light bat the impact that it has on your results is huge.
So comfort is the most important thing, not brand, not edge size, not grains.
i agree with @ammo, but if u specifically want it from the list above i'd say narrow it down to icon,sunny legend and the ton gladiator. And out of these 3 i'd say get the sunny legend because the icon may not feel or hit the ball as a desi or local bat would on a local or desi ball which is what we mostly play with.