CA's New Website

Odd background jingling too; do you think the Huge Edge range is laminated?
I don't like the triiiing sound it makes each time you open a page...otherwise very good.
That is a humongous willow boy :O

Overdried? Why go for LWSRU when you can have this :O
Could be overdried but then we can say same for Laver Ultra too! :)

Maybe Jason should get one of these and do moisture check :))
Hi Guys,

This is (formerly) EaglesCC here (couldn’t get my password reset for toffee!! So created a new account).

But back on topic, have ordered a big Edge 5 star from Pakistan and hope to have it in a couple of weeks time. Inshallah will do a write up – my first one.

It’s was between this, MB LE and CA YK313. Hope I’ve made a good choice for something different. And if it’s laminate that’d be a result as I’ve not owned on yet and wanted to try one.
Do you want to get your password reset for EagleCC? If so PM me and I will change it for you...

InshAllah, I hope it serves you well! I don't know who I heard it from but someone on this forum I believe said that CA laminated bats perform quite well indeed.

That would be awesome keep us updated and review it :D
CD, thanks for the offer but I've gone to the effort of setting up a new ID so I'll just use this.

By the way, do you have any idea how much this bat should cost from
Sialkot? Also how much should a MB LE cost?
MB LE I think is around Rs. 17,000ish I believe while this one I have no clue as I don't know if its Grade 1 or 2 etc
Cricket equipment from pakistan isn't as cheap as it used to be eh?!

LE can be had for around £150 here. 17.000RS is about £125.

I'm told the CA 5 Big Edge 5 Star is circa £150 from Pak.

Considering I'm not there to choose the bat myself I'm just wondering if my money would be better spent on a bat from the UK - most english bats here come with some sort of guarantee if it breaks etc...

Happy to hear thoughts...
Yeah definitely prices are and have increased over the past year or so and maybe it is because of EU ban on a chemical.

I remember Bhasarat Bhai once telling me that there is a lot of competition now, hence, prices hve increased. Demand has also increased lately for equipments.

Ah really? CA 5 Big Edge 5 Star is 150 quids?! :O I believe it will be Grade 1.

Thats true, I agree with you. But which UK bats are you talking and thinking about?
One of my friends and team mate bought a custom made woodstock last season for £180 if I'm not mistaken.

So not only can you pick your own cleft but also get a shape (sweet spot, edges, handle, etc) to suit your personal tastes.

defo worth paying the extra for.
Woodstock are good and there current pprice which is around £180ish is for limited period of time as they will be incrasing it to £220ish soon