Cricket ball hit my knee while bowling its hurt badly, best way to recover quick?


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Mar 31, 2010
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Hello guys, i was bowling in the nets and the batsman hit the ball lightning quick back at me and it hit my knee! it hurt so much i have never been knocked out on my feet and that just took juice out of me, its bruised and swollen, i can still walk but i can still feel pain in my right knee, this happened on thursday and i was supposed to have a game today so while it happened i picked myself up had rest for 15-20mins and then i proceeded to try and bowl again in the nets however my bowling became completly ineffective the accuracy was gone as if i completely lost my mojo however i managed to survive the batting session and that went well, the reason i continuted to bowl and bat after being hit was to see how i would do because if it went well then i would play on saturday however i emailed the selector am still feeling pain in my right knee and cannot play...

and here i am on thursday and friday i put an ice pack on my knee here and there and apart from that i don't know what else to do i have not been to the hospital to get it checked out i usually would go in situations where something extremely bad has happened

So guys what is the best way to help me recover i want to play cricket as soon as i can :(...i have only been puting an ice pack on my knee what else do you guys think i should do? should i put a bandage over it and then ice it on top? i don't know what else to do, i went out today and while walking and when weight is applied to my knee it hurts me but not so much to stop me from walking, i can also feel the pressure and a bit of pain in my ankle a little bit as while in the nets the same day i tried to stop the ball with my foot when it was hit right back at me lol

Thanks guys i appreciate any sought of help or advice :yk
Haven't you seen a doc?

No lol never go to see a doc unless i feel something is very very bad in this case i should have but chose not to, its better now though just hav a lump on my knee, always be alert having completed the delivery stride!
[MENTION=865]Big Mac[/MENTION] this happened in the HCC nets just after I had been selected for their 2nd team in the Birmingham Premier League! I had bowled a guy with a googly who had quiet the rep at HCC and he was throwing his bat at every thing and in that instance the ball came right back at me I tried to catch it but just missed it by a fraction of a second and it hit me in the knee ending my season :)) Man no one helped me to get up or anything, they continued to bowl even as I lay next to the danger zone on the floor :))) after a 10 mins or so an old nigel was checking up on me and stuff though which was good I suppose and told me where to go to get an ice pack and then after an hour I continued me session like a wounded tiger, the pain gave me an adrenaline rush while I was having a bat and actually made me a lot more focused as I gave a phainta to all the bowlers
It's been five years, don't tell me you're still in pain :srt

My advice in case it happens again, catch the ball.
It's been five years, don't tell me you're still in pain :srt

My advice in case it happens again, catch the ball.