Cricket Bat makes hollow sound after it impacts the ball


Dec 28, 2011
Hi all,
I have a SS viv richards cricket bat. The bat makes a hollow sound when it makes contact with ball. I want to know what can i do to avoid it ? I oiled it last season and begging of this season as well. Do I have to oil it ? or Did I put lot of oil on it ?
Well since it's grade 2 i don't know why it makes that hollow sound.One of my relatives has a 4 star powerbow which is I think Grade 2 and took a bit of time to get some monstrous stroke. Just play some big shots with it in the nets and it will be fine i assure you. Let one of your big-hitting team mates play big shots in the nets with it. Remember do not put a little amount of oil more than 2 times. Less is better than more. By the way you have a superb bat but please try to post pics. Good Luck!!!
yup, it just needs to be knocked in a great hit some sixes with a brand new ball.......while doing so, make sure you don't hit any where near the this you could end up having a toe less bat :D