England v Sri Lanka ICC Champions Trophy | 13/06/13 | England Innings

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Aug 23, 2007
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Sri Lanka are bowling first! A must win game for them.
Not that I care about this JAMODI. We beat the Aussies so Ashes momentum has built up.
140-2 at the 30-over mark. Suggests that 280 is on, or at least it would be if Morgs came it at #4.
So many drop catches by Lanka today unlucky malinga today...2 chances for Root
Billy Bowden has lost his hat because of the wind...
Kid Root lost his chance to have his first 100 today...Caught after being dropped twice...
malinga has been expensive here

He was going very well under 3 per over but after those drop catches he lost the interest and went for some boundaries...Remember Shoaib, K Akmal & New Zealand?
6 4 6 4 2 6 so total 28 runs in last over by Bopara
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