Favourite guitar riff?


Tape Ball Captain
Mar 16, 2010
I have many, but right now can only think of a few

Pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard (intro)

I'm Broken by Pantera (Dimebag Darrell was simply amazing)

Sad but true by Metallica (now that is one slow HEAVY riff...absolutely soothing)
Wrong forum brother :D

Anyway, mine is the eternal Eddie Van Halen guitar solo in Michael Jackson's BEAT IT. And to think, he could've made billions out of just that, but he did it for free :D
Sweet Child Of Mine has a pretty good one...not so much into heavy metal.
I know bro already apologized for it :p

Eddie Van Halen is amazing man...and BEAT IT does have an amazing riff no doubt :)
Intro of Aadat by Jal seems to have an effect on me.

I'm quite partial to most of Junoon's songs too. Great talent, Salman Ahmed.

However, I'm more drawn to piano than guitar.
Absolutely love the riff of the following :D

"Kashmir" -Led Zeppelin

"Subject To Change" -Sum 41

"I'm not Okay" -MCR

"Mama" -MCR

"Over My Head"-Sum 41

Last...but not the least...
mnnh..some of my favourites

enter sandman..metallica
sweet child of mine--gnr
silver and gold--U2
money for nuthin--dire straits
telegraph road--dire straits

to name but a few..tons more..

something for you youngsters to check out..old skool, stadium concerts were the thing when I was growing up..!!
Kickass song, that is indeed a great riff.

Some more live tracks:

Deep Purple - Mistreated

Eric Clapton - Cocaine

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (listen to the crowd singing along at the start, sounds amazing)
Eddie Van Halen has passed away at age 65
Eddie Van Halen has passed away at age 65

So heart broken by Eddie's passing away, my favorite guitarist after Hendrix & Clapton :**(.. RIP, still remember watching all his videos of Eruption while learning how to play that on my guitar a lifetime ago, I would get such a rush of energy watching him play... God speed recovery and peace for his family.. Another legend leave us....
I don’t like rock guitar solos on the whole. Often screeching and unpleasant.

I like a lot of jazz, soul and funk guitar - Pat Metheny, George Benson, Nile Rodgers. Much more soothing.