Faysal Bank T20 | Match Day 2 | Rawalpindi / Islamabad | 07/02/2014

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Oct 2, 2004
Yesterday was a total wipeout - hopefully we should have a better showing today as there is sunshine but we are told that the outfield may be too wet to play!

Not sure what the scheduling will be for today.
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Dr. Nauman Riaz saying on TV that first game not likely to happen - 2nd game and onwards is more likely
Bazid Khan and Mohammad Wasim on TV criticizing the quality of the tournament and choice of teams etc
M Wasim & Bazid on TV discussing rumours surrounding the dismissal of Zaka, saying it discredits PCB in front of the world - Do you agree?
dr. Nauman asking again and again and again the same question that why younis isnt in the Odi team. He think younis would do good in world cup in australia where horizontal bat shots are required.

Younis answers that he has always been an advocate of giving chances to the youngsters but says cricket is his bread and butter and if he is fit and performing then he should be in the team.
Kamran Sajid and Imran Khan opening the batting for DM Jamali Ibexes
Ahmed Jamal, winner of King of Speed to open the bowling
End of 1st over: 2,0,0,1,1lb,0
(4 runs)

Ibexes 4/0 (1 ov)
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Fazl-e-Rabbi gets the wicket of Imran Khan on his first ball. Got some inswing while bowling to the righthander!

Ayub Dogar is the new man in.
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More inswing for Fazl-e-Rabbi but that is wide down the legside
End of 2nd over: W,wd,0,4,4,W,wd,1
(11 runs)

Ibexes 15/2 (2 ov)
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End of 3rd over: 0,1,1,0,0,1
(3 runs)

Ibexes: 18/2 (3 ov)

Good bowling by the spinner but poor technique shown by the batsman Taimur Ali.
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Abid is the new batsman.
Edged for 4. Beautiful bowling by Yasir Shah.
Another wicket for Yasir Shah as Kamran Sajid is bowled to one that stayed low.
End of 5th over: 1,0,wd,4,W,1b,1
(8 runs)

Ibexes 35/5 (5 ov)

2 wickets apiece for Yasir Shah and Fazl-e-Rabbi and 1 for Junaid Khan.
Target for Falcons: 36
No one from the Ibexes got into double figures.
Ayub Dogar with 8 runs was the highest scorer.
Captain Faizullah (who is making his T20 debut) to open the bowling for Ibexes
Good away swing from Faizullah, beats the bat of Yasir Hameed.
Out. Raees goes as he is bowled to Najaf. Not much swing on that one. Just a good line from Najaf.
Swing and a miss from Yasir Hameed as Atif Jabbar gets more extravagant bounce.
Struck on the pads and they run a legbye.
Yasir clueless against pace bowling of Jabbar here.
Impressive Atif

Bowling at High pace Geting Extra Bounce

Good Run up to

No Speed gun,s :(

pace must been Around 140kph :) or Over 140kph
And back to back wickets for Shabbir.
Huge upset on the cards here.
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