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Mar 21, 2012
This thread is intended for those who are not familiar with the Football Manager game which is being used for this competition. For the time being, I'll explain the basics of what you need to know and hit you with more information, if required, as we go along.

Please note that below, in places where it says 'I', sometimes it will mean the simmer, in this case ibad17. Where it means the simmer is apparent.

Every player has lots of attributes and a number telling you how good they are at each attribute. This number ranges from 1-20. The greater the number, the better the player is at a specific attribute. For example, if someone has a value of 18 for Long Shots, it means he's very good at taking shots from a distance.

This is divided in to Current Ability and Potential Ability. Current Ability is what level the player is playing at this moment in time. Potential Ability is what level the player can reach when he is at the peak of his career. Some players may have already reached their Potential Ability and are now losing ability as time goes on. Some players are yet to reach their Potential Ability and are getting better as time goes on.

A player may get injured from time to time (I don't choose when, that's done by FM). The duration of the injury depends on the type of injury he has. A player could become infected by a bug or something, meaning he is out for a few days or a player could break his leg, meaning he's out for the majority of the season. Once a player recovers from injury don't expect him to be fully fit straight away, it'll take some time. Each player has a percentage as to how fit they are, termed 'Condition'. The higher the percentage, the better their fitness.

It is ideal to choose a captain with a very high Influence who also has high mental attributes. Generally a captain and a vice captain are chosen at the start of the season and stuck with throughout unless one of them leaves the club or is under performing. However, constantly changing captains will upset other players in the team, upset morale and harmony within the squad, which will ultimately affect matters on the pitch.

Set Piece Takers (Penalties, Free Kicks, Corners, Throw Ins)
It's up to you if you want to choose who takes your set pieces. Players have an attribute for Penalty Taking, Free Kicks, Corners and Long Throws, so I suggest you look at these attributes when choosing who takes what. Alternatively, you can leave this for FM to deal with and it will automatically choose the best players for each set piece.

The game has many formations for you to choose from, which can be seen in the following thread:

Players Position(s)
With exception to Goalkeepers, a lot of players can play in more than one position. The threads which I will be making containing lists of players in certain positions are where the players play their best. However, many will able to play in other positions, for example you might find a player who's best position is as a left midfielder/winger might also be able to play on the right side of midfield. Let's take Lionel Messi as an example, his best position is on the right wing/midfield, but he can also play as a central midfielder or as a left winger also, but just not as good as he can on the right wing, but he will do a very good job for you in the other 2 positions. You can see the positions of a player under the players name in the screenshots of the players profile.

On a side note, when you're drafting players and are not sure what to look out for in a player in a certain position, then I suggest you just look at and choose players with a higher Current Ability.

Player Concerns
From time to time, a player may become concerned about certain things happening within the team. For example, he may become unhappy if he feels you're not giving him enough time on the pitch, or is feeling homesick, doesn't like a fellow team mate, doesn't like someone on the coaching staff, doesn't like you, or may become unhappy if you've rejected a transfer bid (2nd transfer window) from another team that he think's he'd do well at if he moved there. In any of these instances, a response may be needed from the manager, an instant response (there and then). If an instant response is needed, I will do what I feel is the correct thing to do, taking EVERYTHING into account. If a player does end up becoming unhappy for whatever reason, other players in your team may also become unhappy due to this, which will ultimately affect your team's performance on the pitch. If a player is really really unhappy at the club, he may request to be placed on the transfer list or ask for a temporary move (loan) somewhere else until things are sorted.​
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Everything looks great and exciting. I really hope this league is successful!
Hey,I am quite a novice in football.But I have some decent idea abt the players frm Man utd,city,Chelsea,Real madrid,FCB,Bayern munich........

Is it gonna affect??