GM Icon 808 GM+


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Sep 6, 2010
Hi Guys

I have recently bought a GM Icon 808 GM+ from a well known auction site. The bat is used slightly but I dont mind as I dont have the time to knock it in. The bat is a GM+ so has extra wood, weighs about 2,12 (yes I know it is on the heavy side but that is what I was looking for). It has the 2010 stickers and not the 2011.

Question: I am on a very tight budget and would loved to have bought the Icon Original LE but have to get the priorites right, I won this bat for £50, do you think it is worth that price or have I paid over the odds?

Let me know your thoughts. :aleemdar
Will post pictures once I get the bat, post is so slow!!!
50 pounds is very cheap for an 808.
Pictures of my bat

Not sure how to upload pictures, have tried something lets see if this works.


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Looks like a great stick buddy.

Mind telling us the specs? I hope you score tons of runs with it.
For 50 pounds it is very very good bat, I hope you score tons of runs with it and it goes well for you!
Where am I when these bargains are out there :(

Good bat bro!! Have fun!!
I guess its all about timing. So far I have made 8 and 2 in two innings, I guess it can only get better lol.