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Aug 12, 2009
Lately there have been a lot of people talking about them so I thought I'd stick some pictures.

I got these pictures from Micheal at Mapperly Sports, he was kind enough to email me the pictures;

Here they are;





Pick Ups said:
Jonathan Trott - Icon DXM - Pick-up index 2/3

Shane Watson - Flare DXM GM+ - Pick-up index 3/4

Ross Taylor - Icon DXM GM+ - Pick-up Index 3

Graeme Smith - Epic DXM - Pick-up Index 4
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£500 ? Come on that is ridiculous no matter how good they look.
These are robot bats; you take them to the middle and they will score all your runs for you; you will not have to do anything---hence the price.
^LOL man kya impossible baat karrtay ho? :))

I am serious man. Otherwise how can one justify that price? It is called the Players Bat as the bat will become an automated player when you take it to the crease; you just need to pantomime while the bat will do all the job :)))

Yaar I have GN Pro and really pro bats are not 'out of the world ones'

I'm guessing Kookaburra Players are there sponsored players bats too, no ?
Supposedly yes; but those are not so insanely priced as the GM ones; at least not the Kooks. Don't remember the cost of the GN Pro though.
These bats look amazing quality and when you see them in real they look even better and feel great, perfect balance etc.. and from what I have seen over the past few years from online sites and other cricket retailers shop I visited. Mapperley sports stood out from the rest and they without any doubt has the best selection of GM bats in the UK. And the GN's and Kook bat they have are also good.
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