GM Six6 or others?


Mar 24, 2013
My uncle is recently going to England and I wanted to know what is the best bat choice of the following (you can pick 2):

  • GM Six6 606
    SG Sunny Tonny
    Kookaburra Ricochet 550
    Newbery Krakatoa 5 Star

If the GM Six6 606 isn't as good as these then how about GM Six6 808?
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Why the hell would you want Indian brands from Eng??

The only reason could possibly be the prevalence of fakes in India but even so, I honestly believe India would be a much greater place to search for Indian brands of cricket bats, given this India and thus the prices of the bats are likely to be much cheaper than those present in England.
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If the GM Six6 808 wasn't as good as the others then I can just get a SG or SS from India instead.

Fair enough..but dont get any Asian Brands from England. You will end up paying a lot more. If you are interested in trying a foreign brand then I would say that you should look at GM and Gray-Nicholls and see if there is any bat that suits your style of play. Unlike in Asian brands, foreign brands normally put in a lot of efforts in differentiating between their range of bats.
get the SS Ton Le from India, low sweet-spot will suit indian pitches