Help me choose 1 bat out of these 4

Which Bat Should Naveed Buy?

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Jun 12, 2009
Hey guys,
Can you help me choose one of these 4 bats? I am planning on buying soon.



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AS for me.

AS looks old one which are apparently very good as the batmaker of those was very good.

He has now died and AS got new batmaker who isn't very good..
oh ok. didn't know that. no wonder i wasn't happy with my AS V10. thats why didn't recommend it.
poll added :D

I will go with our Ballon ka Badshah Cover Drive and say the AS V3. :razzaq
That's horrible, what do they work them to death in that AS factory?

Natural death, we all have to die one day so he just passed away so they got the new bakmer who is not great, hence, new bats like AS 10s (new ones) aren't greatest ones..
Has got to be the Boom Boom Signature. No reasoning required :afridi
I have decided to go with the CA Plus 10000 Limited Edition. I will post some pictures soon. Thanks for all who replied.
Good choice I would say. CA is one of the top Asian brands in my opinion.

Please do a review when it suits you.

Not much between the AS, ihsan and Boom Boom, the handles on AS bats are awful so I would go for the ihsan or the boom boom
The Boom Boom and Ihsan in the picture were made at same place so quality is going to be same only differene would be profile, stickers and price tag which in my opinion for Boom Boom is not justified.
I would take the ihsan simply because it has the best grains of the four.
Do you have any pictures of the profiles?