Help regarding pitch and new bat


Feb 23, 2013
hi so as the summer season is approaching i have finally decided to get my self a sher amin , i am thinking of buying it from international sports lahore . should i knock and oil it after i buy it ,but i think its preknocked and the price they are tellingis 7200 is it fine. and another thing i need to know is i want to create a pitch what products to use or is a cemented pitch better pls helph
7500 is the price for sher amin, so 7200 is decent. still you have to knock in even if it is preknocked.
Always knock in a new bat no matter what the sticker says! It will open up quickly and will have a longer life!
i dont know how to upload pictures ,the bat seems to have great ping ,i have knocked it for half an hour and can you pls tell me about the pitch etc.