ICC U19 WC |Pakistan U19 v Scotland U19| Group B| Buderim| 13/08/12|

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Dec 14, 2008
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The match starts in about 3.5 hours. The timer at PP is showing the wrong time.

Anyways Pakistan are big favourites to win this match but they can't underestime the scots.
I have to whisper this as Im siting in the heart of Scotland but...Pakistan Zindabad :pkflag :yk
:)) Why did Scotland bat first? Every one knows conditions favour the team chasing.
Never underestimate the Scots. We are a nation known for our bravery and never say die attitude :afridi

Ah a fellow Scotsman :D

According to Cricinfo its 12 degrees Celsius in Buderim

The Scottish boys will feel like its a Summer Sunday league
Is it just my Laptop/Connection or is anyone else finding PP really slow at the moment? :S
Matthew Cross needs to go!

17 runs from 11 balls including a 4 at a SR of 141.66 :afridi
yesterday we had some commentry on all the games, not full but some, why havant we got any for the pakistan games?
Scotland Under-19s 36/1 (7.0 ov)

Zia Ul Haq strikes!

Cross on his way!
The new batsman forgot his guard.. had to run back to the pavilion for the most important piece of equipment.. :yk
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