ICC World T20| Super 8s | Pakistan vs S Africa | 28-09-2012 | S Africa Innings

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Jul 21, 2011
Toss due in 5 mins.I hope rain doesn't spoil the game.Both teams look strong considering their recent performances.But Pakistan has advantage over SA in WCT20s.
Go Green Storm :akhtar
for once i pray amla fails to score a substantial amount of runs :D
Btw, both of them wear Green kits :yk .I hope Pakistan beats Saffers.Will be a huge confidence booster for Pakistan...
Might not be a bad idea batting second if it rains
So no change in the bowling, one left arm spinner replacing another
pakistan should be mentaly ready to chase 190. playing raza hasan in all important match?
More importantly if we lose we should keep an eye on the net run rate
We shud have picked razzler for this game instead of another spinner. Now we are a batsman short and a good one.
left arm spin our nemesis, better take Peterson to the cleaners
Weather is good and we are bowling first should keep them under 140
Raza Hasan replaces Sohail Tanvir.
Cricinfo predicts a belter for the first game and spinners' game for the second
Boy we have a stronger team the last time we played against South Africa!
Zain: "@ Ryan - Sami couldnt scare me if I was facing him, not sure how he is going to "scare" a team who get to practice with Steyn!"

A reply to someone who was asking for Sami :)))
Need to restrict S.A to less then 140 here, chasing will be tough.
Why is everyone whining and crying about the team etc.. the team is final now and lets get behind the team and fully support the 11 lads on the fieldd.. shocking how some of you just whine and whine... Pakistan Paindabad!! Lets do this guyss! inshallah jeet hamari hogii
I think Rameez should avoid the word 'script'. Things are not scripted anymore
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