ICC WT20| 1st Semi-Final | Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | Colombo | 4/10/12 | Pak Innings

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Feb 10, 2012
I feel Pak did well but the target is a tricky one.
Pak should bat sensibly with keeping wickets in hand, and don't push panic button to implode themselves.

One batsman has to play as a sheet anchor for most part of the innings,
That last over could decide whole match. But hey if Nazir/Jamshed fire it should be easy. :afridi


15 off the final over, but just 23 came off the four overs before that. With the depth Sri Lanka have in their line-up, they would have wanted much more than that, especially after the secure start they got and a further fillip with Sanga's cameo. They would have been aiming at 150, or perhaps even more, and it seems they've fallen a few short of what they would have liked when they set off. Gul was good, except for the final over, and Tanvir along with the spinners were economical. Pakistan will back themselves here, though it remains to be seen how the track will behave. A bit of dew there, so the Sri Lankans won't be too happy about that. But let's see how the second innings pans out.
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1 more then what we chased 3 years ago.

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have a bad feeling :( the slightest bit of seam movement vs pakistan batsmen....u know the rest
Average 1st innings score here is 152. Pakistan would have taken 140 if they knew they'd lose the toss. Pakistan are bad chasers we all know, they struggled against SA in this tournament and beat minnows Bangladesh. There will hopefully be dew around to mess with the SL attack.
It all depends upon the start....hafeez will be under pressure so Imran should fire.
It's a slippery and tricky figure. It's easy when you are chasing a 120 ODD or a 160 ODD but 140 range requires a steady scoring rate and not require too many wild shots or rush of flood flukes ... I hope Pakistan team understands this.
Only if Ajmal and Gul bowled to their potential. Its a par score on this pitch
Can Pak batsman souk the pressure, is the big question. This pitch is not what it is made out to be. It is a very decent pitch lets see if Pak is mentally capable of chasing.
Depends what Rameez thinks......and I will think the opposite.
My personal opinion is this gettable. We should get this.
All Pak has to do is play out their 20 overs. The target is very gettable.

But will Pak play 20 overs?
Can Pak batsman souk the pressure, is the big question. This pitch is not what it is made out to be. It is a very decent pitch lets see if Pak is mentally capable of chasing.

We are not playing against India :misbah :p
We can do this. Sri Lanka disappointed and we have the mental edge to start with.......let's do this
Business as usual from Hafeez straight push to the fielder
Just dont lose too many wickets in the first 10 and we should be fine
That's how he's gonna play guys, don't worry he's getting the runs...he ain't out
business as usual from imran Nazir straight to the fielder and dropped, remember Bangladesh anyone??
Why is he already playing aggressive shots.. calm down mate and set your eye in first!
I swear, I'm getting a really strong feeling that this game's going to follow the Mohali SF.

I hope they play sensibly this time and not go into a shell against a middle target.
sanga appealing for catch I am happy it was Taufel
Sangakara has dissapointed me with that appeal.. The ball was no where near the bat.
C'mon guys let him play his game. If he gots bogged down he will only eat up balls then have a brain fart. Might as well go for a quick 20-30 runs and before you know it, the target is sub 100
Not a bad first over... need to continue scoring at a decent acceptable rate without playing stupid shots
Kami dropped a tough catch, and now Dilshan drops a toughie. Hisaab baraabar now. :kami
He needs to be careful here... Imran Nazir !!!
bach gya phir , steady imran , 50 runs ke bad out ho jana
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