India vs West Indies | 3rd Test | Mumbai | 22-26 Nov 2011

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Aug 17, 2011
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Final test, I am hoping for 3-0, it hasn't happened for years.

My Indian squad for final test,

MS Dhoni*†, VR Aaron, R Ashwin, G Gambhir, V Kohli, PP Ojha, AM Rahane, V Sehwag, I Sharma/ Yadav, RG Sharma, SR Tendulkar.

Debuts for Rahane and Sharma. Rest for VVS and Dravid.

WI bowlers shouldn't be disappointed if they lose toss. Ball will seam a lot more for this pitch than it did for other two tests. I would like to see Bravo playing another good inning along with Kirk Edwards.

I think WI will look to play 4 seamers. I think it's good idea for this pitch also it's very hard for Bishoo to trouble India. However, pitch will surely have help for spinners for last 2 days. Let's see what WI decides.

P.S. - I know still 5 hours to go but couldn't wait!
The reason why Rahane, Rohit and Kohli, all three should play is because since Yuvi is dropped, we have to try out all 3 of them for future series against Aus. Pujara still hasn't played Ranji yet, so we must play all 3 in this test.
Sachin will get his 100th century in this test I believe. I read somewhere(Sanjay's twitter) that the curators have prepared a batting paradise in order for Sachin to get his 100th ton.

I have just found the tweets posted by Sanjay Manjrekar. This is the first one

just learnt from a player that it is a very good batting pitch at wankhede for last test...u know why right ? : )

He then received from replies from some Indian fans and he then tweeted after that

oh c'mon tendulkar fans ! take it easy, it was a tweet suggesting how tendulkar 100 is not just on the fan's mind..lets lighten up a bit

I feel he well get his 100th ton today. He truly does deserve it. 100 international hundreds is amazing! It's a flat track, against a poor poor opposition. Against a tired bowling attack at home. He will make his 100th ton. He may not be my favourite Indian cricketer or batsmen however he is a magnificent cricketer.

Good luck Tendulkar :)
Good luck to team India, they will easily win. How is that Bishoo dude playing on Indian tracks?

oh and somebody should bump the 100 100s jinx thread :)
WI bats.

Chanderpaul and Roach out. Powell and Rampaul in.

Yadav out. Kohli in :D

and Varun debuts. :D

rest of the squad same.

I think Varun has been hyped enough, it's time to see him in action.
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India vs West Indies | 3rd Test | Mumbai | Discussion Thread

West Indies win toss and bat first

India team
G Gambhir, V Sehwag, R Dravid, SR Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, V Kohli, MS Dhoni*†, R Ashwin, I Sharma, PP Ojha, VR Aaron

West Indies team
AB Barath, KC Brathwaite, KA Edwards, DM Bravo, KOA Powell, MN Samuels, CS Baugh†, DJG Sammy*, FH Edwards, D Bishoo, R Rampaul
I should have let Yadav continue to play. And would have debuted Rohit.

Not a positive decision for not trying out Rohit, as India badly needs replacement for number 6.
Don't know why was Rohit called for then, if they were planning to pick Kohli!! pagal selectors
you are resting a guy, who has played only 2 test matches is beyond me!!! if they wanna rest someone it should be one of the senior batsman or ishant sharma
I am already pissed! Selectors and team think tank have made stupid decision. Noone wants to focus on future!!! Rohit, Rahane, Varun and Yadav all should have been playing. Idiots!!
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Good to see Kohli and Aaron getting a chance.

Poor UV :(
India ranked #2 now in tests after RSA's defeat yesterday
And a maiden. Very good over from Aaron. Good pace already in 2nd over
Varun is bowling at very good line, that's how you suppose to bowl with new ball to new batsman.
Another maiden. Bowling a good line now both the bowlers.
This guy's gooood.

Bowls beautiful deliveries consistently
89.2 mph

Three maidens in a row for India. Good bowling
I sense a wicket coming, Aaron has looked good so far.
Gavaskar saying Aaron should have played in place of Ishant and not Yadav
Windies should bat for 5 days just to avoid giving Tendulkar a chance to make runs on this phattu track.
Getting on my nerves, someone get a wicket please/
45 posts so far shows how much we are interested in watching our bowling :)))
Seema Sharma is bowling his heart out for no result! Anyway, good to see youngsters doing hard work.
I like Aron's run up. Not talking about the delivery, but I have never seen an Indian bowler running in so fast.
147 kph from Varun !

But no wickets
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