Ireland v South Africa | Group B | WC 11 | Kolkata | 15/03/11

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Feb 20, 2011
Big game for the Irish.

ABD rested by SA.

Ireland win the toss and decide to bowl.

Patches of grass on the Eden Garden wicket.

Let's await proceedings.
Shame Eden couldn't host India v England. That would have been the stunning.
Anyone watching live? Cricinfo reporting it has gone very dark, Is there a chance of rain?
Nasir says everyone wants west indies to beat England and knock them out
Silent starf from south Africa 14-0 from 4 overs
Amla 8 (13) smith 4
Amla goes for wild swing next ball :six
Terrible overrated shot lol and player
Amla did not have to play that shot he got a four and six. And really unwanted the ball was short and wide went to third man good catch
Mmmm duminy comes in
Has to stay in the crease for a long time duminy
Wow, that is awesome...
Ireland proving Associates arent noobs.
Ireland good fielding has got another wicket.
It's not bad batting it's just good fielding
Ireland ripping the 'favourites' apart :)))
Nayyyyy these are just false hopes, Ireland wont get past Steyn or cross 100 I feel..
Shehzad needs to change his blonde look and copy portfield an Kevin o brien
Top 4 back in the hut already..
Ireland is giving it everything here.. although not in the running after 3 losses.. they have nothing to lose!
SA need to build till the 40th over and then hit out, to get around 250. Ireland will still fancy their chances of getting to 250.
South Africa team batting looks crap if there is no de villers and if Amla and kallis gets out early
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