Is my bat knocked and ready to play now?


Mar 6, 2014
Hi guys,

I recently bouth RNS. knocked it for like 4-5 hrs solid. The grains in the the midle opened up pretty good.

But when i play with the red cherry i still get light seam marks on the bat. Do u think my bat is ready to play or does it still need some more knocking?
doesn't sound to be fully knocked in. which mallet did you use?? the GM mallet or gray nicolls deluxe mallet are really good
Depends, if you get seam marks from throw downs, do more knocking in but harder with mallet. Most bats are hard pressed these days but if it is soft pressed u literaly compress the face when knocking in with mallet. If its seam marks when your blasting it in nets dont worry, just take it easy a bit
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