Karachi Dolphins vs Rawalpindi Rams | FB Super 8 T20 | Rawalpindi | 26/03/2012

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arafat looking fit and a proper professional gets the slogger out!!
could teach a few things to the fatty's in this league!

:rr takar mara guse mein a key


Great bowling by Arafat here! One more ball to come, hopefully he finishes well.
Mis-field again, RR need to improve their ground work.
Poor last ball from Arafat, get's away with only one single
:mib should have been in bollywood. Talks to much about hairstyles bla bla
Oi oi the classy batsman also playing
arafat is bowling at 133kph not bad for an allrounder..pity he has been messed about
Four more, lol @ people hyping Arafat up, never international standard.
Umar Amin has been compared to Mohammad Asif due to his bowling exploits in past tournaments. Karachi could collapse in a heap here.
I don't understand why some people are wearing the Pakistani Cricket jersey to a domestic game :facepalm:
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