Laver and Wood Private Bin !!!


Sep 1, 2013

Finally the Laver and Wood PB arrived yesterday. It was a bit heavy than what I ordered (2lb 8oz instead of 2lb 6oz which I ordered).

The grains look pretty even. Was able to do some knocking and the ping was good but not exceptional. Maybe it will get better when ill finish my 4-5 hours of mallet knocking.

Will be testing it next week in the practice match !!

Comments from the experts :)


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Did you let them know about the weight difference. Although 2.8 is a pretty light bat anyway. 2.6 would have even less ping. I would almost guarantee that the ping will improve as you begin to use it. Bats with less grains usually take a while to come good.
Well you are right Jimbo !! I guess 2.8 is not that bad in weight. I am pretty comfortable with it. Well i had a match this weekend but rain ruined it so didnt get a chance to use it.

I am sure it will become better before the match next week as I am doing mallet knocking every day for about 15-20 minutes.
If you don't mind me asking, what was the price of this particular cricket bat (I've heard that hand-made cricket bats, especially made by Laver and Wood, are extremely expensive)?
I paid less than the retail price of 650 NZD, but wont disclose the final price as it might be unfair to L&W who gave me a special price. I would say negotiate and James would give you a great price.
The willow is opening beautifully after 3 days of knocking. I guess another week of knocking and it should be good to go !!
If you don't mind me asking, what was the price of this particular cricket bat (I've heard that hand-made cricket bats, especially made by Laver and Wood, are extremely expensive)?

L&W bats are some of the most expensive bats around. However if you go to the right places you can find really good quality hand-made bats for around the same price as what you'd pay for one of the mass produced bats from the big brands.

Also OP, did you specify 2.6 including grip/s? As the bat alone may only weigh 2.6 however once you've added the toe guard, grip, stickers and what not then it's weight will increase a little bit which could explain why it now weighs 2.8
MattyB you are right, if you know the right place and have access to lot of cricket stores, you can definitely get a great willow at a cheaper price. But even the top quality off the shelf bats are in the range of 600-700 dollars these days.
nice bat and bats with less grains may take a a while to ping like a bullet
Nice bat


Looks a very Nice Bat. I notice in the picture at top of handle/grip it has a wider part.

I have seen this recently on th CL20/20

What is it for balance?>

I am not sure about the purpose. I have seen this in a lot of bats. My assumption would be to provide a barrier to keep your top hand firmly on the handle.
Its used to balance the weight and pick up of the bat...this improves the bat's pick up index.
Any updates with performance of the willow, mine one has been knocked in but afraid to say very poor "ping". It seems all laver & wood willows are hard pressed which mainly helps duration of the bat not soo much ping.
I played in nets today and it played pretty well. Still lot of time to go before the ping comes out the way i want. I am planning to have atleast 4-5 nets before using in the match.
As people say, the laver takes it due time before opening so we should be patient :)
bat help!!!

Guys... Good to see the post. I need a help here.... I need to buy a bat and I am thinking to get a laver reserve ultra.... But then I think of Screaming Cat or newbury or may be black cat...

We normally play Twenty20 cricket and we play it on the FLICX. I dunt mind playing with heavy bats as currently I m playing with a bat which is over 3 pounds. Its a tad heavy for me but I still like it. I mostly like pplaying drives and punches and I open the batting. I am not a hooker or puller.

Keeping in my the kind of cricket we play and on the surface we play what profile and what brand of bat would you recommend me to hit some out of the ground

Screaming Cat
Laver Ultra Reserve
Black Cat
B3 etc....