Leg cramps


Mar 7, 2012
HI everyone I have got a question re cramps, I play for a club on Sundays open the bowling and bat at
4-5 last year ae played 18 games and I got leg cramps after every game and yesterday first game of the season I.got really bad ones usually happen after 3-4 hours a game finishes and only effect back of my legs can any one please help me coz it hurts like crazy for like 3-5 mins thanks in advance
It used to happen to me as well. Then I started drinking lot of fluids.Don't drink too much but drink good amount. probably its dehydration.I don't have cramps anymore.
if you drink too much water it will dilute the salt in your blood, have a decent sporks drink after and drink it up slowly, it should help.

i also usually put a pinch of salt in a litre bottle of water, really helps me personally.
Leg Cramps

HappyH --

I, too, have had problems with leg cramps! My dad (as a recovering athlete) gets them even worse than I do. Recently some friends turned us on to this product called Cramp911 -- it really is amazing! You should really check it out.

We have tried so many methods -- hoping electrolyte filled drinks would cure it, even magnesium, but nothing has worked but this. It takes the pain away immediately.

Hopefully this helps

- Dunkin