''Monsters will dominate PPFMC3.'' -Stevan Jovetic


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Jan 10, 2011
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Sunday, July 21st

Mordor Monsters' superstar wonderkid Stevan Jovetic declared to reporters that his team is all set to dominate the third season of forum world's biggest premier league competition PPFMC. ''We're all set, last season we really improved big time as a team compared to our inaugural season, if not for the late boom we could have easily finished in top 3. But all that's behind us now, this time we will be in the hunt right from Day 1.''

Jovetic's first season for Monsters didn't go as per expectations and he had to sit on the bench on most occasions. Jovetic says he's confident of winning Manager Freelance's faith for the upcoming season. ''Look, it was my very first season and it always takes some time to adjust to a new league/club. I have put in a lot of efforts in my game and i am confident of doing much better this time around.''

come to your thread let's finalise a deal .. i m really interested :)
You made no deals, gotta be proactive. Your team sucks. :p