My Newbery Krakatoa (Players) Review

Cover Drive

Senior ODI Player
Aug 12, 2009

Hope you all are well and are doing great! Its my first bat review and second overall so pardon me if there are any mistakes or anything :(

Alright, so I was in search of buying an English made bat. THe reason why I specifically wanted English made was because I have two bats which are top notch bats in there ranges and are going well but sadly they are not English made. So I said to myself its turn of English bat.

I had been really big fan of Newbery and Redback. I love both brands from my heart! I had been really impressed with Newbery's craftsmanship (Prior to my bat I had held and seen two Newbery bats closely in my hands). I tried my luck at Redback first and everything went smoothly and I was on verge of buying a bat. Literally everything had been sorted out. But at the end unfortunate thing occurred which were not expected whatsoever got me a back seat in purchasing a Redback. I must also add one thing that Gary is one of the finest bloke you will ever find on this planet.

Then I tried my luck with Newbery. I had been in touch with many people which did give me a doubt. But at the end I landed at Uzi Sports and Asad Bhai was just awesome to deal with. He was very helpful and kept sending me emails back and forth and immensely helped me in selecting a proper bat according to my specs. So after lengthy conversations we had decided I will go for Krakatoa. Asad Bhai, was really kind that he had emailed me pictures of couple of bats which made easier for me to select a bat.

I had asked for 2.7ish whereas i usually prefer and use 2..9-2.10ish. The reason why I asked for that weight was because of the bat which I was selecting. Since I chose Krakatoa which has a low sweetspot which I know makes a pickup feel a bit heavier than normal so I kept that thing in my mind and did the calculation. So I did receive what I had asked for and it my theory was kinda right. Due to its low sweetspot it did make feel a bit heavier for me. I still haven't played with the bat so I am not sure about its ping or anything but from what I tested the bat pings off really nicely and seems to have quite long sweetspot. The oval handle seems to be nice as well and fits nicely in my hands. Hopefully I will test the bat in nets on Wednesday and will update you guys


Bat was shipped on 10th and it was here on 16th. I wasn't expecting it to be here so soon and was quite surprised when it came a bit early according to my thoughts. However, the bat was not picked up on 16th. In fact, it was picked up on 19th because I had moved into a new house and bat was shipped to my old address. The new owner of old house didn't tell me that my package is here but I figured it out via tracking number.

Uzi Sports Service

Asad Bhai, was just amazing! It was first time I was purchasing a bat online so I was really nervous and scared. He answered every single question I had. One can't imagine how nervous I was and due to that I asked Asad Bhai lots of question which contained silly questions as well but he was so kind that he answered every single question I had. On top of that he was really quick in replying to my emails. I literally got his replies within 10-25 minutes. If such rating existed where one can be rated greater than the highest figures then Asad Bhai would be the first one to get that. I would rate him 11 out of 10. He is very down the earth guy. I am looking forward to deal with him in future

Pardon me if it was too long or too short.

If you have any question please don't hesitate asking me. I would love to answer them :)








You really love your bats and equipment, don't you mate? I take it this forum was your idea!
If I be honest with you then yes I really like my bats and other equipments. Honestly they have now become part of my life although they shouldn't be as it's just materialistic item which I will leave behind once I die.

Actually many posters on the forum wanted it and of course I wanted it :). But this become possible because of my colleagues and there efforts. Without them this section would have never existed no matter what I would have done.

Thanks to Almightly Allah(SWT), I am blessed to work along such good people.
Actually, I never realized that but yes it is somewhat similar to Tendulkar's. The only difference I see is that Tendulkar one has a spine (or higher) which Krakatoa doesn't have.

Basically if Thruxton sweetspot and everything was shifted from high to low then it would have been exactly same I reckon.
I own the bat in the OP, I bought it from Cover Drive bhai about four years ago :)) the sweet spot is absolutely a dream and it's the perfect bat for English conditions. The pick up is on the heavier side but for a batsman of my style who isn't a top order bat it is fine. I haven't used it much in recent times but it has stood up well.