New Zealand v India | 2nd ODI | Hamilton | Jan 22, 2014

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Jun 19, 2012
Game due to start in 15 minutes time.

India won the toss and elected to bowl first.
NZ must show the same aggression as last time, I want to see India lose again.
Argh. Got up expecting us to bat but we're bowling again. Need a few early wickets or another 300+ score on cards.
India will chase in every game, we have to send them in to bat whenever we get the chance.

They're just too good chasing.
There goes Ryder, c'mon Ryder we want to see a masterclass today.
Anderson is slowly becoming the best hitter in the game. #gaylewho
If India doesn't get early wickets they are going to chase huge target.
Pretty good for 2pm on a wednesday. Id expect it to be almost a full house eventually.

Mostly Indians though :))
Just wait for Eden Park :msd

Most kiwis prefer to watch the game home, India don't tour often so Indian fans have turned up in their massive numbers.
So.. Who are backing NZ to take away this game as well?
Just feel Bhuvan is pitching it a bit short, at his pace and primarily being a swing bowler he needs to make batsman drive on the front.


And as I say, he does just that and unplayable!
If we can put up a big score i will back us to defend it.

Just want another cracker of a game.

I still feel that opener's slot prolly should go to Gambhir, and Raina should be replaced by somebody else like (Yuv/Pujara).
Only his fielding efforts seem to be saving him.
Ryder is just brilliant to watch when he's in this mood.
A mystery people ll never be able to solve.
Maybe Sherlock Season 4 will have this as the pilot ep.
Pace bowlers will come onto the bat easy. That being said Ishant is pretty ordinary.
Guptill playing way too defensively, it's fine if he can go on with it and score big but he's only gone on with it once and that too against the Windies.
Guptill really struggles to rotate the strike. Hes just waiting for the bowler to pitch it up so he can smoke it.
Guptil has to take some blame for that.

Mindless batting
Guptill was the reason he got out, just like misbah he is putting pressure on other batsman.
Jesse has just been a bit to aggressive in this series. Although he wouldn't have to if Guptill could rotate the strike.
Ryder was striking it over 180 and we're still going under 6 an over..
Jesse has just been a bit to aggressive in this series. Although he wouldn't have to if Guptill could rotate the strike.
Back to McCullum and Ryder?

Anderson and Ronchi down the order.
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