Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire| 24th June| Abdul Razzaq Playing Again!

Umar Gul hammered for 22 runs in his first over by Trescothik. He is taking some pasting.
No thread for U Gul for Sussex? Just got hammered for 22 of one over by Treschothick
Razzaq bowls sports commies questioning y Razzaq wasn't on earlier to deal with Hussey...good point
poor miscalculation by Hoggard....Razzaq a class apart from but won't be bowling his full quota....poor captaincy
should have had a 3 wicket haul.....shambolic catching on the boundary cost him.....Leicester a 1 man show....gna have to be the razzaq show again with the bat if they want to win this
Another big score looming for the mighty Nottinghamshire tonight - shame about us being rubbish in every other form of the game. Razzaq hasn't bowled too badly, but he did get Hussey at a time when he was trying to hit everything for six, so I'm not sure if it's deserving of any great praise. Scott Elstone is a young player who has hardly scored a run in Twenty20 cricket, a fact not helped by him batting at 8 for most of the year.
Not this time.
Its a big ask this time

They have depended on Razzaq both games. They will have to rely on Razzaq again.

If he comes up the order n high preferably at no.3 he can make sure the RR dnt go sky and take Leicester close.

Or they could use him lower down but then its a huge gamble!
Trescothick has not spared Rana Naved either!

Tresco on his way to another T20 century!
Wow Gul bowling a 3rd over its non-stop destruction already 11 runs in his first 3 balls to Trescothick!
oh dear....likely another game will be rained off for Leicester! :mad: :mad:
Leicester playing again televised game of theirs will be this coming Wednesday vs Yorkshire on Sky Sports
Leicestershire got away with another one, they pick up a point keeps them at the top without notts going too far ahead, the wash out worked in their favour, however I would have liked better to see a Razzaq Blitz.

Razzaq Vs Adil Rashid, Azam Rafiq and ajmal Shahzad on Wednesday