Pakistan v England | 1st Test : Day 3 | DSC | 19/01/12

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predictions? well PAK won't lose this test by an innings. :yk

expecting PAK to get to atleast to 350............that'll be good lead :ajmal
well we need lead of another 50-70 runs .. if we can get that ...will be over joyed ... btw i want them to attack . .cos either way they r gonna lose wickets.. so they should go for their shots.. & see what we can get
Draw is out of question.

If we get 100 runs lead(worst case scenario) and Eng bat long they will need 4 sessions to bowl us out. It means they will have to score 450 runs in 4.5 sessions and score @ 3.5 runs an over(worst case).
This will leave us to chase 350 runs in 120 overs.
We need to try and push the total to 350 as much as possible. A lead of 150 will certainly give us the edge.
I have a feeling Umar Gul is going to hit a ton.
:adnan needs to score...... :gul needs to smash a few out of park. If Pakistan can bat sensibly here, they can add another 50 - 60 runs. A lead of 150 is big one, If Pakistan bowl well again. Pakistan need to restrict England to 300 in the second innings. That should be it.
Adnan is the only hope. I don't Gul will do much because ball won't be coming on to the bat. I have a feeling cheema might surprise us.
Our tail's performance today could be the different between winning and losing. Bowlers need to strech this lead as far as possible. Show some character guys and dont swing like Zaheer Khan down under!!!
Apart from the forfeited Oval Test in 2006, England has never beaten Pakistan when it has trailed by more than 34 runs on first innings.
Ajmal to score a match winning 50!

Anderson is very easy for me! :ajmal
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I think Ajmal's Teesra is that his batting has improved and he will show us by making a 100.
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if England score 350 in the second dig, or if they get out on 52. Who knows if we will collapse to spin or if we will play well.
I really can't see us adding much more runs, think we will get another 10 or so

We need our spinners to have a really good day, don't expect much from Gul or Cheema. Hopefully Ajmal has messed with their heads enough for them to lose the plot again
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if England score 350 in the second dig, or if they get out on 52. Who knows if we will collapse to spin or if we will play well.
I think you'd definitely be surprised if England were rattled out for 52 :))). It'd be shock horror surely.
Pitch has some turn in it and if we manage to get 30 more runs then i think we might win this. England wont be able to get past 200 on this track Inshallah :)
Pakistan tail is not good, I would be surprised if they can add another 50-60. that's why Pakistan need a professional coach like Dav Whatmore, Pakistan should not be happy with Mohsin Khan who haven't made any improvement in the team.
I hope Gul tries to hang in there, has been batting like a cartoon these past few months.
Ajmal will hit a century & England players will see him in their nightmares.
Both Gul and Ajmal have 50s against England. I would take even 20s from them today.
Welcome back to each and everyone of you out here, May Allah help Pakistan to make this day out as a decider of their win... inshAllah...
It's about time they stopped with this rubbish of sending Gul before Ajmal. The guy has totally forgotton how to hold a bat.
Gul is not playing good in this series. Hope he bowls well in the next innings.
Pushed into covers for 3 runs.. to Akmal.. 100 runs lead up for Pak.. as Pak moves onto 294/8.. Lead by 102 runs..
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Waqar: - the problem is that there are two new batsmen at the crease now...

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