Pakistan v Sri Lanka | World T20 | Final | Lords | 21/6/09 [Pak Inns]

Akmal and Shazaib walking out...

InshAlllah!!!!!!!!! this cup is ours
i think pak have given atleast 15 runs too many away
could younis khan's blunder of letting aamir bowl the last over
with his inexperience instead of giving it to razzaq
i think time will tell
Don't get bogged down is the key. A wicket or two doesn't matter. Nobody can take the remaining wickets as jahez.
Kami stays there and it will be easy. He doesn't and it will be tight but still we will win Inshallah.
Wonderful cover drive from Akmal!

Then down the on side for a couple.
Shahzaib should play another kind of shot
I fear for Shahzaib .. this may well be his last innnings for Pakistan if he doesn't get a good score today!!
Shahzaib is a bit oif a Youhana when it comes to running between wickets.
whats wrong with shazhaib we need to make the most of the powerplay
6 fielders on the off side. Leg side is wide open. SL are sticking to some plan.
i hope malinga has a poor game today, just as gul did with the ball.
This will not be an easy game to win...

Malinga comes in like a wild animal...
Akmal slightly struggling. Rotate the strike.

Good bowling from Malinga
Shahzaib looks very nervous out there.

Pak really need to get a move on here before the run rate start to climb
Its Surviving Malinga, not scoring off him

This is good, malingas trick failed.
Shahzeb needs a cup of java to wake the HECK UP!.
It is painful just watching this guy botch-up deliveries.