Pakistan v West Indies | QF1 | WC'11 | Mirpur | 23/03/11 | Pakistan Innings

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Pakistan v West Indies | QF1 | WC'11 | Mirpur | 23/3/11 | Pakistan Innings

Well Done Boys! Great Job. Lets Finnish It Asap! :afridi
The West Indies are shocking. End of story.
'Plan to bowl with new ball was made yesterday. I wasn't under pressure, management were confident in me.'

- Hafeez
Windies played an extra batsman and dropped a bowler yet still got bowled out for 112.
come on Pakistan

WI were trying best to get somewhere 170ss ,Thank God our bowlers finished off the tail before 50 overs.So we have finished well in last two games.Yes plan is working
But Rehman isn't in the team. Batting is thinner now with Ajmal in.

:vicky :inti
Very tough chase.

Need a big innings from Afridi, otherwise we got no chance.
Just need to bat solidly and put the bad balls away! No need for anything stupid!
Pakistan will have to do something beyond extraordinarily stupid to botch this
hope the top order can take care of this one, don't want us limping home by 4 wickets or something.

need to make a statement.

go on Feezy! :hafeez
Even we cant mess this one up (or can we? :asif:asif )

Nah we should have this in the bag - a 10 wicket win would be nice BUT I cant see that happening
A few early wickets for windies could make us stutter, we need a good start or it could get very nervous.
WI need one warny one muraly to win this one which ain't happening :afridi
Mikey blaming Hawk Eye :)))

Umpire gave it out as well
tough task ahead....a cameo from Wahab + Gul lower down the order should see us through....
i think we should discussing strategies for semi final

open bowling with spin again?
Azhar doesn't half talk some rubbish, wicket to wicket, drift, rinse and repeat. Bring in Mohammed Akram.
Akmal looked poor with the bat but both openers should go out positive and look to finish this off with 30 overs.

Let's do this in style.

How long is the break ?

Usually 40 mins or so.
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I'd love to see Afridi to open now, and prove us that he can bat calmly and not throw away his wicket. Although this is never going to happen lol.

Afridi has been bowling like a gem this WC.

Still not happy with no Akhtar, Wahab is a waste in my opinion.
Thought it could be a cracker. **** it's not. Off to University, gotta watch the rest in school.
Good expo about ajmal on sky sports, nick knight talking about the doosra lol
West Indies ki Team ko Garmi aur Hamari Bowlers ne KHARAB kar dia :Zohair toru :D
Would like to see these runs knocked off without loss of a wicket.
A strike rate of 37.67 is needed to qualify for the Semis. :umarakmal
Great stuff, let's hope we can finish this off quickly and send a message to India and Australia.
Put it this way - if we're 5-20 I'd still back us to get over the line.
TONY GREG on ESPN STAR is talking crap about Afridi making the victory sign!! whats wrong with these guys........................ they are so jealous.

Interestingly, on ESPN STAR, the discussion about how India will fair against Pakistan in SF. They are dreading Pakistan after this performance.
There was a bit of a floodlights glitch during the innings break. Thankfully, that's sorted out now. Else we could have had the game spilling over into tomorrow!

From Cricinfo
And they said there will be no loadshedding in Pakistan. Liars. :facepalm:
Azhar has been living in England for a long time, should of picked up a few more words.
Wow, U Akmal averaging 53 in this WC.

Youngsta beauty!
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