Pakistan v Zimbabwe | u19 WC | Group A | 22/2/2008


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Sep 6, 2003
Pakistan needs to win this match in order to come top of their group, 2 wins out of 2 so far for the young brigade. Although the result in the match against New Zealand looked a bit shaky for a while.

You can follow the game on the official website for the u19 WC at the following link...
Hope we bat first and post something big with the top order batsmen making contributions.
The teams batting first have had a very tough time in the tournament so far hence i would like PAK to bat 1st and get some practice before the quarterfinal.

p.s i really don't like the format of this tournament. The senior world cup was too long and this under 19 one is too short.
Should be a walk in a park for tigers :D

Make it 3 in a row :59:
Match over

Zim 8 All out.

Pakistan win in 2 balls.

Just Kidding :D
zubair_786_7 said:
is there any streamin sites?

quarterfinals onward will be shown on geo.
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Pakistani titliyon masal key rakh do Zimbos ko :120:
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very defensive start there . 0 runs in 6 balls :66: Yeh U Akmal kis mulk ka khilari hey?

edit: there was on extra in the over :36:
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another maiden but had 2 wides
Pak 3-0 after 2 overs
both openers on 0
so far 100% of runs(3) have come through extras. I noticed that in a few of the recent ladies matches extras have been the top scorer and now it seems that the men(or boys) are suffering from the same disease.
mubarak ho but I don't know if this is current over or previous over
Pak 8-0 after 4.1 overs
U Akmal out on 2 off 15 balls
Pak 9-1 after 5 overs
new ballaybaz is U Amin who already made one run
Umar Akmal's struggles in the U-19 WC continue. I think he hasnt gotten to doble digits in any of the matches. HE was doing good at #3, I wonder why they made him open??
no boundary yet.
and A Shazad hit one because of the naaray from stands :117:
Pak 20-1 after 7.1
Bang 27-6 after 8.5 overs
playing against Eng
Paksitan scorecard is showing replay from 2nd over
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Here we go again; it's 20-3.

Now we'll crawl to 150 and our bowling will bail us out again.
So basically only India matches have got any cricinfo coverage. Pak haven't been involved at all as far as they are concerned.

Pak probably want to bowl first from now on. - why is mohammad aamer playing? Has he got an injury?
Umar has failed to shine after the interview he did with PP :D.... too much pressure!
dAont mess with A Asad, Hits a four to get off the mark
Pak 30-4 after 11.3 overs
Fall of Wickets:U.Akmal 8-1 (4.3), U.Amin 20-2 (7.3), A.Shahzad 20-3 (8.3), S.Khan 21-4 (9.3)
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tumhara Bharat.

p.s Can u plz not talk in the MSN mode... also change ur ID from tmac4real to :|

india are favs wow!
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Bang 51-7 after 15 overs

Pak 32-4 after 15.3 @ 2.06 RR
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U Mir 5(27) - A Asad 6 (34)
Pak 38-4 after 19.1 overs @ 1.98

Bang 59-7 after 18.5

Aus 81-4 after 21 overs

Ind 73-1 after 31.3
A Asad zindabad :83: He gets the Tamgha-e-jurrat. scored another run and moves to 22
Pak 57-4 after 25.1 overs @ 2.26
I think its for batting changes. U. Akmal has struggled up the order maybe he needs to move down the order. Also what ever happend to Shan Masood, he was a good opener.
Our batting has been awful - U Akmal was doing so well before the tournament BUT has struggled so far. Lets hope he is saving it for the later and more important matches
95/6 after 36.2 overs

Ali Asad is on 38* and captain Imad Wasim is on 0*

Lets hope we can get to 150 and once again get our bowlers to bail us out
Oh geez, this is pathetic stuff from u19 boys and very unexpected considering the quality of teams they are playing. They showed no signs before the tourney and all of sudden are looking increasing vulnerable.
Pakistan shud not worry.... Zimbabwe under-19 is the same team which lost to Malaysia Pakistan shud easily get them all out before 100
rahulrulezz said:
Pakistan shud not worry.... Zimbabwe under-19 is the same team which lost to Malaysia Pakistan shud easily get them all out before 100

its not about playing zim, its about future matches against the better sides. they'll get knocked out easily if this continues.
little cameo by Mo. Rameez and fantastic innings by ali asad get pak to decent score of 175. Where is Mohammad Aamer btw?
174/7 after 50 overs

Thats a decent score considering the position we were in. An excellent innings by Ali Asad (76*) to give us a more than competitive total. Over to the bowlers to do their job
I like this Ali Asad dude..he has saved his team on a number of occasions both in the last world cup and the current one.
Our batting has failed in the last two games. They need to sort themselves out.
Zim 17/1

no wait 5/1

o no no wait...its 17/2.Overs: 3.4 | Run Rate: 4.64

Man this site is just cuckooo
Magnificent coverage on cricinfo as usual
cricinfo coverage is magnificent but the ICC official website coverage is even better.

The Zimbabwe scorecard has been stuck on 3.4 overs for the last 77 years.
Hash I reckon the scorer's off to the loo...?! Pathetic coverage.
I'm worried about Pakistan batting now... c'mon boys gain your forms back.
and now it's gone back to 5 for 1 off 1.4 overs.

What the hell is this idiot doing? Is the updates guy drunk or something?
I think we should gather some gandey tamatar and andeys for cricinfo as their gift for this fantastic coverage.
That was such a great ball by M Rameez that the update guy is still thinking about ways to describe it
Is this cricinfo? Its a yahoo page and it doesn't say anywhere that its from cricinfo - does it?
Hash said:
and now it's gone back to 5 for 1 off 1.4 overs.

What the hell is this idiot doing? Is the updates guy drunk or something?

its just going on and on in circles :pissed:
86 for 9

Mohammad Rameez has taken 3 for 26
OK so we finish top.

I think we play Sri Lanka in the Quarter Final on Monday.
Pakistan to play Australia in the quarter finals on 25th Feb.

This after the Sri Lankans beat the Aussies today by 5 wickets.