Pakistan vs England | 18/2/2011 | Warm-up Game | Fatullah | England Innings

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May 25, 2009
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Pakistan won the toss and elected to field
It's said that GEO Super will.

According to GEO super Misbah will lead the team...
Why is it so hard to understand that only Indian matches were going to be broadcasted?
Geo Super has the score ticker in the corner
Akhtar to Struass, outside off, left alone
Ooh, Strauss beaten with one that just nips away
Cricinfo showing Afridi is going to be Shoaib's new ball partner. :))
Thickish edge down to third man and Strauss and his English side are away
Shoaib to KP - dot ball first up, defended easily
They have star next to misbahs name is he captaining? That means afridis resting
England 1/0 | 1 over

Strauss 1*
Kevin Pietersen 0*
cant even see any commentary on crapinfo.. they had commentary for Aus V Eng match i think..
Junaid Khan finally :D

First ball dot, some nice swing into strauss who defends to mid wicket
Ooh, well bowled, good line and length, but well left by Strauss
Well driven to mid off, but still no run, good tight start from Pakistan
I think England are in defensive mood right now! They are trying to get settled and then launch at a later stage!!
is somebody watching the match on TV or in Stadium?

Nobody is. The match is not being televised.

Whoever is giving the live commentary is making it up as per the score shown on Cricinfo/ Geo/ Geo Super.
This time a poor ball, just drifting into the pads, flicked fine for 4
good test for young Junaid.. especially against Pietersen.. hope he'll do well..
Shoaiby to continue to KP< this should be good
good start by junaid, not like the last bowler who debuted against england who went for 16 runs in the first over. Man i wish i could see this. Oh well just have to wait longer i suppose to see him.
KP off the mark, touch and run to mid on
Strauss plays on, looked to cut it hard, poor ball, but even worse shot

Can only edge it onto the stumps
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