Pakistan vs England | 2nd Twenty20 | Cardiff | 07/09/10 | Eng Innings

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How bad can we get? Will we be hitting 50 all out regulary in 2011. Wont be surprised.
Can't bat 90 overs in a Test, can't chase anything above 150 in a Test. Can't make 300+ in a Test.

Can't last 50 overs in a ODI, Can't score more than 300+ in an ODI.

Can't last 20 overs in T20, Can't score 140+ in T20.

Full of scandals, fixers, no team unity, chopping and changing players, Batsman playing like they cannot see the ball or do not know how to run.


I think am gonna skip the England batting, they'll make this in 10 overs.
England just need to get through Akhtar and this should be a doddle.
i feel like crying...How pathetic can we get ? this is torture/embrassign aRGHHH feel like smashing my tv
How bad can we get? Will we be hitting 50 all out regulary in 2011. Wont be surprised.

people will wait with phoolo'n ke haar and mithai whenever our team scores 100+ to welcome back the heroes :akhtar
I really hope that it rains throughout the 5 ODI's so pak fans going to the matches can get there money back. I really do
we will know in the first few overs if there will be any resistance by Pakistan or not.
Well game is still on and yes we are very much dissapointed but same could happen with ENG aswell. I wish Akhtar n Ajmal opens the attack with afridi-hafeez-Gul-Razzak to afridi should risk ajmal in the opening overs and akhtar needs to fire again and rattle the top order and if eng gets to 40-5 or 6 so the game would be on and i wish our fielding is spot on today otherwise no chance....we can still make a game out of this..
when we have corrupt players:akmal in the team, no wonder the performance will be like this.

I would say send both akmals home ASAP to get rid of suspicions and team morality. both are involved with mazhar and azhar. I wonder what other players are thinking that these two brothers are still playing regardless of their ties with bookies.
If we need clean and focused team, we need to get rid of any player who accused of fixing.
Hoenstly, why dont our players show patience, I say Afridi is culprit, changing the batting order, playing crap, Watch out for his genious field placements..
Great Job , boys . Keep playing like this so they create a 10 over game for us . We will Inshallah beat everybody in 10 overs format and :akhtar can play until he is 50 :afridi
its better to sleep ....this match is coming late night here ...its midnight here n i just woke up to check the score n i got this ...yeah really better to sleep ...:(

only Gul is the hope now....Yorkers...
We need 4 wickets in first 6 overs to make a game out of this
hope shoaib takes out his frustration on keiswetter...give him hell
I just want :gul to be the first man to get to his 50 wicket milestone in T20 before we get banned from international cricket
umar akmal was the fielder who dropped the catch. family business as usual.

hapy 25000 pounds jr akmal.
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